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Hello there, so glad you dropped by.

I’m wondering….

what if you truly believed in yourself? (even without an Instagram perfect life)

what if you found to your delight that you were working step by step towards your dreams without apology? 

I’m Deborah Chalk and I’m a Martha Beck Certified Life coach.

I help kind, creative, intelligent women overcome self-doubt, perfectionism, and introversion to build a life that feels joyful and to share their great work with the world.

I help new coaches to believe in their coaching and its power and to build the foundations of their coaching practice.

Clients tell me that my work is gentle, supportive and truly transformative.

I offer one to one coaching via Skype, phone conference or in person at Bamford Haybarn Spa at Daylesford Organic.

You get one life (for now at least) and this is it.

If you’d like to talk about how we could work together email me at deborah@deborahchalk.com and we’ll set up a call by phone or by Skype to talk about where you are in your life at the moment, what you need help with and how working with me as your coach could help.

 “Deborah holds a calm and kind space for her clients. She shows up with deep skills and sensitivity. You can trust her completely to guide you as you change your life.”

Susan Grace Beekman, Master Certified Coach, Byron Katie Coach.

Coaching is not a substitute for psychotherapy. If you are not managing with your everyday / are suffering from depression or addiction please seek appropriate help / ask your doctor for a referral.

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