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Dear Career Changer,

Maybe your career change is about how you see your work and how you react to those around you and the challenges that you are faced with. Maybe though it’s about more than that. Maybe you took the career path that you thought you should and that made most sense logically.

But what do you do if you end up in the ‘shiny’ job that others approve of but find that it isn’t what you really thought it would be? You feel there is so much more you could be doing with your life and you’d like to explore what that could be in a safe and supportive environment.

You don’t need to know what your new direction is right in this moment. You don’t have to have all the answers or to leave your job tomorrow to prove to yourself that you really mean for things to change. Instead, you can work step by step to make informed choices.

Is your first step for us to talk about this?

Dear Confidence Builder,

There’s more to this than simply trying not to put yourself down so much. You don’t need to be perfect to feel good about yourself either. Your perfectionism isn’t helping you and just because you are an introvert does not mean that you don’t get to be confident. I can help you to trust yourself more and to be able to listen to yourself more and to make your own choices. I can help you to identify exactly where you are holding yourself back and how to move past those blocks. I can help you to make yourself a priority in your own life and to learn how to hold your own boundaries. I can help you to figure out what is fun for you in your life and to spend more time doing that. I can help you to do the things that you want to do in life but have been stepping back from as you have felt afraid of how you might be seen by others or afraid of failing. I can help you to see your own individual qualities and to honour them in how you live your day to day.  I can help you to believe in your dreams and to work step by step towards them.

Dear Life Coach,

I know that you thought that you were meant to be something in life that was a bit more accepted at parties and that would make your family proud, a job that your aunty would understand and wouldn’t feel a need to raise an eyebrow at.

I know that you thought you wanted a neatly packaged job with a pension in place and salary increments at points in your career, because you had the idea that that way of life would be oh so much simpler.

The problem that you came across was those neatly packaged, impressive-sounding jobs that ended up being much longer than Dolly Parton 9-5s ended up sucking out your life force like a dementor in the Harry Potter novels.

You knew that you had this one precious life.

Then one day you heard about a life-coaching course or the possibilities of your creative work and your ears pricked up like a dog whose food bowl is being put out.

You knew at some level that although the name ‘life coach’ had a game show tinge to it, that at some level it was you, completely who you were and who you were meant to be.

It would harness all the power you had to know others deeply before they even knew themselves sometimes, to listen deeply, with your whole being.

It would take all the hard-won self-development that you had done after skirting around that bookstore department as though you were looking at something you shouldn’t be…pretending to be looking at cookery books instead.

It would take who you were and what you knew and give it to a gift to others and so you decided that you were in.

You were going to become a life coach.

You claimed that for you.

You decided to get on that little boat and head out onto a new sea and you found that the sea was rougher than you thought it would be.

You want the freedom that the promise of being a life coach held and then this little thing came up….

this little thing called doubt.

The doubt shouted louder and said maybe you could not do this great thing that you thought you could.

The doubt said that maybe you were kidding yourself.

Who were you to coach?

I see you.

You’re a coach through and through and that’s why you are reading this and why it resonates so strongly with you.

You’re meant to be a coach.

You want to grow your client base and systems and reach, but you also want to grow you as a person. You never want to disown yourself as you used to do in all those jobs that were not right for you. I know you think it’s selfish to want it all like that.

What if it wasn’t selfish?

What if I were to tell you that it wasn’t selfish?

What if instead it was your truth and was a truth that you have been trying to run away from?

You want this and you don’t want to give up on this.

I don’t want you to give up on this either.

Coaching is your calling. I get it. I can help. I can help whether you are deciding to become a coach, whether you are taking your coaching course or certification or whether you are a coach with a thriving practice who needs their own support.

I want to help you to be a nurtured coach.

You deserve this, your clients and future clients deserve this. You need to be the best coach that you can be and you can be the best coach that you want to be.

Let’s talk.

With love and hugs,


Dear Creative,

You are not flaky or selfish for wanting to do your work. You are not a school drop out just because you didn’t take three sciences at school. Your work is valuable and it matters. It might seem at the moment as though you are not getting the work to shine in the world the way you want it to, but sometimes these things take longer.

Bread needs time to prove.

Seeds need time to grow to become oak trees.

You get the idea. I bet you could think up loads of metaphors like those.

You have been standing over the bread that is your work and willing it to rise faster. The pressure you put on yourself isn’t feeling kind and it’s stopping you feeling inspired the way you used to.

What if it was time to claim your work?

What if it was time to allow the magic in?

What if it was time to play?

I’d love to help you do that.

You are here for a reason. You are inspired to do your work for a reason. What would happen if you completely owned that?


 “Deborah holds a calm and kind space for her clients. She shows up with deep skills and sensitivity. You can trust her completely to guide you as you change your life.”

Susan Grace Beekman, Master Certified Coach, Byron Katie Coach.

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