Hello! I’m Deborah Chalk, and I’m a Martha Beck Certified Life Coach, qualified teacher and a writer. I live in Oxfordshire in England with my lovely husband, amazing daughter and twelve-year-old flat-coated retriever who fully believes he is still a puppy.

I offer creative writing coaching to professional women and female entrepreneurs who want to choose to make writing a part of their busy lives.

I offer confidence and content creation coaching to life coaches.

I also offer life coaching and career coaching services to creative thoughtful entrepreneurs who want to overcome their blocks to live their best lives.


Martha Beck Certified Life Coach

Certificate in Life Coaching (National College of Further Education, UK)

M.A. (Hons) English and Philosophy

B.A. (Hons) in Creative Writing and Art History

Postgraduate Certificate in Education

Qualified Teacher status

Trained career coach


I found that I could not imagine myself working in the Merchant Bank that I secured my first job after graduation in for my whole life. I joined the Navy and that didn’t work out for me so I trained as a teacher. I’ve moved homes ten times in seventeen years of marriage with my husband’s job. It became really hard moving from school to school as we moved around the country so I wanted to find something would be location flexible. In my search for this, I studied floristry, photography, art history, creative writing and interior design. I was really frustrated that I couldn’t figure out what to do.

I decided to do Marie Forleo’s B-School (business school) which has a module called ‘Start the Right Business’ and I worked with a coach to try to figure out what to do. These helped me to own that coaching had always been my passion. I had been reading self-development books since I was a teen and it was what I did for fun. I loved coaching and learning about it. I loved how it also related to how I loved to teach. I decided to take coach training and I am so glad that I did as I love this work and feel honored to serve my clients.



I work with kind creative people who are willing and able to feel responsible for their own actions.

Currently, I offer 1-on-1 coaching sessions via phone or Skype, which you can do from anywhere in the world. For people based here in the UK, I also offer in-person coaching at Bamford Haybarn Spa at Daylesford Organic.

You can email me at deborah@deborahchalk.com if you are interested in coahcing together. I offer a free 30 minute call to check that we are a good match for coaching.


  • My flat-coated retriever sings when I play piano. He goes crazy for the A-Minor scale and contrary motion scales in particular.
  • I have played the lead in two amateur musicals- ‘Dazzle’ and the Irving Berlin musical ‘Call Me Madam.’
  • I used to know how to navigate a ship (who knows, it might be like riding a bike?).
  • I grew up watching movies from the 1930s to 1950s. My favourites then were ‘Pillow Talk’ with Doris Day and ‘Some Like it Hot.’
  • My favourite holidays are cottage holidays in Norfolk.
  • I love to be inside when it’s raining outside as it feels so cosy.
  • I am hopeless at getting to bed with lights off by ten, even though it is my aim and goal when I am not sleepy and weak of willpower. (Update – getting better at this now thanks to Habitica)
  • I take ballet classes six days a week.
  • I once had a job in the education department of an aircraft museum and love vintage planes and cars.
  • I order too many books from the library with the optimistic hope that I will find time to read them all.
  • I love roses, velvet, good perfume and excellent chocolate.
  • My patronus is a black and white cat.
  • I’m INFJ on Myers Brigg.

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