Life Coaching

You don’t need a fairy godmother or a genie from a lamp to bring you what you wish for.

If you truly believed in yourself just what would be possible for you?

It’s time to dwell in your possibilities.

It’s time to create a life well-lived.

Amethyst Coaching Package

This coaching package is for creative thoughtful women who have big work to do in the world.

You have a calling to do this work and you sometimes find it hard to square that calling with your other responsiblities.

You sometimes feel overwhelmed by all there is to do and feel self-doubt about your ability to achieve the things you are inspired to do.

You are multi-passionate and long to express that creativity. You sometimes criticise yourself for being multi-passionate.

You worry about what other people think a bit too much.

You set yourself higher standards than you expect of other people.

You are willing to do deep thought work to uncover your blocks to come to a new state of being, a new level of self-belief.

You are open to using a mix of practical everyday coaching tools and more ‘woo’ tools such as intuition tapping meditations, energy work, mind-body tools, metaphor problem solving tools, dream analysis and law of attraction alignment.

You want to build a whole life, rather than just a body of creative work. You are passionate about your work, but you don’t want to lose yourself completely in it.

You want to care for yourself and your family with love and attention. You want to have a home that feels like a cosy sanctuary. You want to wake up feeling energetic and excited about how you are spending your days.

Your results?

Well, we need to wait and see for sure, but it’s my aim to help you on your journey to more joy and contentment in your life. I also want to help you to manage your own life going forward with the skills you will learn in the time we coach together.

Your package includes:

An insight-filled and hugely deep questionnaire that gets to the heart of who you are now and how you want to develop.

12 coaching sessions (weekly over three months or fortnightly over six months)

1 hour of email coaching for each month that we work together.

Next steps/homework at the end of each session.

Recommended reading and resources where relevant.




Your next step.

If you’ve got a question then please email me at, Otherwise, if you know you’d like to coach with me then email me again at and we will meet for a short call on Skype to chat about working together.

All of your payments including the initial deposit are non-refundable. If you’re in then you’re in.

I am so excited for you. I’d love to be on your side as your coach, there for you on this amazing journey you’re about to set off on.

Speak soon,