Write From your Heart

Write from your heart

You know in your heart of hearts that you are a writer and yet all the STUFF is getting in the way of you actually writing.

Some of it is external stuff. The groceries need to be bought and the washing needs to be done and the children need labels sewn on school kit, but some of it is internal STUFF. Some of it is the little voice telling you ‘Who are you to be a writer, Mrs Fancypants?’

You buy the notebook and you order the book about writing the thing that you want to be writing and then somehow the writing gets put off, just for a while, until that while becomes an even bigger while and you still haven’t written anything.

You’re not able to meet your goals and reach your dreams, in fact, they seem to be floating further and further away from you.

But you’re also feeling READY. Ready for change. Ready to finally claim that you are a writer and do that thing which is writing, boldly, unapologetically and with love.

You know it’s up to you to get going. This is your time.

I  know that you can do this. I know that you are called to do this work because you are meant to and I want to help you in fulfilling that calling. You can be the writer or coach you want to be and stop all the STUFF from getting in your way.

I want to help you to claim your identity as a writer, get the work done and get it out into the world.

I’ll help you from the procrastination and self-doubt, through establishing regular practices so that you can work step-by-step and really embark on your true soul’s journey.

You are a writer.

You know you are called to express yourself in the written word.

It’s your time to make this happen.

I’m Deborah Chalk and I’m a Martha Beck Certified Life Coach and a qualified and experienced teacher. I also hold a Master’s degree in English and an Honours degree in Creative writing. I have guest posted on a large number of well-known websites including ‘The Huffington Post,’ Tiny Buddha’ and ‘Mind Body Green.’

Write From Your Heart Coaching 

Questionnaire about you and your writing to get to the heart of your writing life.

6 or 12 x 45-minute coaching sessions by Skype or by phone conference line. (so weekly for six weeks)

Accountability for your writing/ growing your coaching in the world.

A reasonable amount of email coaching between sessions.

Assignments and recommended resources.

Bonus 30-minute follow-up session 1 month after our work together.

Investment for the programme is £995 for the six-session package and £1799 for the 12 session package.

Your next step


I’m really looking forward to speaking with you but first please make sure that you qualify for one of these sessions:

1)  You must feel ready and able to commit fully to the coach and to do the practical and inner work associated with it. You are applying to work with me to see if we both feel that we are a good fit for coaching. Only then will we move forwards.

2)  You are looking for a coach/mentor to help you now and you are ready and able to invest in yourself.

If both of these are true of you then please email me at deborah@deborahchalk.com to set up a session and tell me why you are thinking of working with me at the moment and what you need help with.