Creative Writing coaching for Female Professionals / Entrepreneurs

You’re meant to write and you’ve always known it and yet you’re not doing it.

Maybe you want to write to get your message out into the world or to use your creativity, but you think it would mean leaving the job that you love and that pays well.

Perhaps you want to use your writing to help you to build your business or platform as a thought leader but don’t know where to start.

Maybe you’re dedicated to your successful career and you’ve not been making any time for you and you know deep inside that you can’t continue the same way and you need to make room for your creativity.

You’re not writing even though you know it’s what you want to be doing.

The ideal you writes regularly.

The real you has a tendency to watch Netflix instead (after she’s secured her next promotion or scheduled her social media).


Maybe you think you’ve got too much to do.

Maybe you’re scared.

Maybe you think you’ll be judged.

Maybe you judge yourself.

Maybe you think it’s all been said before.

Maybe you don’t think you’re good enough / clever enough / whatever enough.

Maybe you’ve run out of ink. 🙂

I would love to help you as your writing coach. I have a Masters with Honours in English Literature, a B.A. with Honours in Creative Writing and I’m a qualified teacher with a Postgraduate Certificate in Education. My writing has featured on a huge number of well-known websites such as ‘The Huffington Post,’ ‘Tiny Buddha,’ ‘Mind Body Green,’ and ‘Chopra.’

I’m also a Martha Beck Certified Life coach which means that I can help you get past all the fear and doubt and procrastination that you’ve been living with.

If you’ve got things to write and you’re not writing, then I’d love to help.

Together we’ll work to grow your confidence in writing and your confidence in yourself so that you can get your writing out into the world.

Amber Coaching Package

12 coaching sessions of 50 minutes each. (You can choose whether these are spread out over three months or six months)

1 hour of email coaching for each month we work together. (if required)

Suggested resources and ‘homework’ from our sessions.

Up to 20 pages of writing reviewed each month. (not copy editing)

All payments are non-refundable. In investing in this writing coaching you make a full commitment to yourself and to getting your writing work done.

Investment: £1999

Any questions? Feel free to email me at


Next step

email me at and we’ll meet for a short call on Skype or phone to talk about the possibility of coaching together and what you want to write about.

Amber VIP day.

This can be conducted over Skype or in person in Oxfordshire, England.

This is for women who want to really kickstart their writing practice or project. They want to work deeply and in a concentrated way towards their writing goals with the help and support of me as their coach.

Part of the day may be about your attitude to yourself as a writer and the blocks that are holding you back and part of the day will be about an actual project that you are working on.

The amber VIP day is around 6 hours of work together with an hour for lunch.

Investment is £999