Is parenting harder than you thought it would be?

With all there is to do when you’re parenting life can start to feel like a bottomless pile of laundry. You removed the monster from under the bed, returned all the school forms on time, and caught the escape artist school hamster who’s vacationing with you… 

Just when you think there’s ten minutes spare to figure out EVERYTHING, (you set the bar high) something else comes up…

It feels so frustrating when you’re doing your best. You pedal hard with no encouraging Peloton trainer to urge you up the large incline that leads to bedtime.

There’s an alternative to just trying harder and harder all the time.

You can be the kind of parent you want to be without running on empty. 

Imagine easing into your day with your journal and a cup of your favourite tea. You feel more rested and positive about the day ahead. You connect to your body and tune in with your intuition.

You feel inspired by your own projects and keen to follow through on them, knowing you can use your energy wisely for great outcomes.

Your needs are no longer put towards the end of the list and what needs to get done still gets done.

You’re confident you can navigate the grumps with grace.

You can feel more calm, confident and creative as a parent. Start by grabbing your free Calm Kit here:

‘Mom my project is due tomorrow and I need to make a volcano. Can we make it actual size? Noah said his mom helped him make one actual size.’

You take a deep breath and connect with your body. You’re feeling good after watching the latest episode of ‘The Crown’ and you had a lovely early night reading ‘The Thursday Murder Club,’ in bed, so you’ve got patience to spare. 

You talk about the need to make volcanoes with a little more time before the pressing deadline. You realise that you’re getting into the habit of giving yourself time to spare with your own projects too. When faced with your own challenges you’ve stopped making a volcano out of a molehill.

You give your child ownership of their own project and pitch in to help with a volcano that’s decidedly not actual size. The project is  completed without the need to tear your hair out from your recently colored roots.

Recently colored? Time for you is no longer at the bottom of your list.

parenting child and parent hold hands


‘I don’t wanna leave the playpark…’ 

You say that you understand that they don’t want to leave the playground. You do a countdown so they know that the inevitable is coming. Your grounded energy points the way out of the gate of the playpark like a lit up sign pointing to the exit in an evening fairground and most times your child heads out without fuss.

Where it doesn’t and BIG emotions are expressed, you don’t make it mean that you’re no good as a parent. You realise it’s because your child is likely tired and hungry. (probably both)

Parenting through the challenges with more ease, self-trust and flow. You feel like YOU again.

You’re not just a parent, even though being a parent is a HUGE thing. You get to be a whole person and a parent.

Then there are the bigger issues – job changes and challenges, moves across country, relationship issues, the impact of the pandemic…

Challenges that come up, but you’re much more able to deal with them with confidence and courage. You’re able to tap into a deep sense of calm and know your own best way forward. You find you’ve come to a whole new level of trusting yourself and believing in yourself.

You didn’t even need to do the pose on the front of Yoga Journal to make all of this possible.

You’re a whole lot kinder to yourself, way beyond occasional bubble bath kindness and it is changing so much about how you see yourself as a parent and how you see yourself as a person. You’re much more able to see the things you’re doing well as a parent rather than constantly criticising yourself in your mind.

Parenting happens in the little and the big moments of life…

and looking after yourself and your needs as a parent and as a person helps you to be ready for all these moments. Parenting is harder than it looks, but you don’t have to make things harder for yourself.

I’d love to help you to be the kind of parent you want to be without running on empty.


When you stop running on empty as a parent (and I don’t just mean your coffee cup) it helps your parenting and this helps your WHOLE life. You get to be the creative, happier version of you. You start to allow yourself your dreams for yourself and your family and then move with confidence and courage towards them.

Hi I’m Deborah,

I’m a Certified Wayfinder Life Coach® with Dr Martha Beck and Endorsed Mindbody Magic Coach® with Abigail Morgan.  



Mindbody Coaching – Parenting without running on empty.

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Deborah’s work has featured in ‘The Huffington Post,’ ‘Mind Body Green,’ ‘Tiny Buddha,’ ‘Chopra,’ ‘TUT Notes From the Universe,’ ‘Life Hack,’ ‘Introvert, Dear,’ ‘ROOAR,’ ‘Inspired Coach Magazine,’ ‘Sainsbury’s Magazine,’ ‘The Clean Yogi,’ ‘Soul and Spirit Magazine,’ and ‘Happiful Magazine.’ She has run workshops at Soho Farmhouse Hotel in Oxfordshire and was the coach in residence at Bamford Haybarn Spa at Daylesford Organic.


    • ‘Deborah is a fantastic coach. She is incredibly knowledgable and she is also really kind and caring and makes you feel really supported.

       Through using mindbody tools she has really helped me connect back to my intuition and become more aware of what I am feeling and how I am responding in the moment.
      She has really helped me work through some blocks and also reconnect to my creativity. 
      I am really grateful for the impact she has had on my life over the last year and would definitely recommend Deborah as a coach.’
      S Jamieson


    • ‘Deborah has such a warm and open nature – I felt at ease straight away. Her voice is very soothing, which is perfect for guiding people through the Mindbody Magic tools.

      I learnt the importance of making time for myself to practise the tools she taught me, as I felt the benefit from using each of them immediately. I have a greater awareness of my emotions, and am now open to feeling them all, even the uncomfortable ones. Deborah helped me start the journey to working through a deep history of anxiety in a gentle and safe way.

      I absolutely recommend her as a coach and I’m sure everyone could benefit from working with her!  In particular, I’d recommend her coaching to anyone who is struggling with processing emotions, curious about unlocking their inner wisdom and anyone who wishes to connect with themselves on a deeper level. To anyone stressed, feeling as though they are frazzled with the demands of everyday life, and to parents looking to increase their capacity to raise their children with patience and a sense of calm. I felt genuinely relaxed after each session. Tension which I would usually need massaging out, melted away.

      I’ve been blown away by what you have helped me achieve in just two sessions. Thank you so much!’


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