10 Copywriting Tips for Coaches

Hi dear Coach,

Here are my ten copy tips for coaches:

1) When creating anything new (e.g. a new program) create a mind map of words or ideas that relate to what you are going to be writing about or covering.

2) Keep a copy bank of the problem you are solving as expressed in your client’s words to feed into your copy (with no identifying information and changed about a bit of course). The more you write in the words your client would use or in the way they think about their problem the more they will recognize themselves in the copy.

Ask yourself: Would my client think that?

Would my client say that?

If not, how would they put it?

3) Break up the page. No one wants to read huge paragraphs on a page.

4) BOLD things that are important, but don’t bold lots of individual words as it will seem like you are oddly shouting words in a sentence and then you just become part of a Monty Python comedy sketch.

5) Get into a good energetic space before writing. Crank up your favorite tunes or do something fun first. No-one really wants to hear from someone telling you how to live a joyful life who feels really grumpy.

6) Remember that in the end, it’s not the end of the world. Your copy can be changed. There is no perfect copy. There is no perfect formula. Review, change, allow flow.

7) Be you. You don’t need to be the Miss Millenium Instagram coach when that isn’t you. The people who are meant to work with you are meant to work with you. Let them see you so they know. That includes the quirkiness.

8) Know your style. How do you best write? First thing in the morning? Last at night? One big burst of writing or multiple drafts?

9)Put your inner critic by the pool. Send your inner critic off by the pool with a green smoothie. Let your inner editor lounge when you write, then call it back in at a later date.

10)’Ship it’ in the words of Seth Godin. It’s all very well having written but there comes a point where you have to hit publish. Practise hitting publish on a regular business and it gets easier. Get a lot of writing rejected in the beginning can also make shipping it easier. (This is a route I originally used, but not intentionally. 🙂 )

Have a beautiful weekend,


P.S. I offer copywriting services for coaches and copy mentoring and coaching for coaches who want to write their own copy. email me at deborah@deborahchalk.com to set up a chat to find out about working together. Coaching packages start at £1799.