10 Ways to be a ‘Jedi Mum’



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Here are ten ways to be a ‘Jedi’ mum.

Go to this link to see the quotes and see the implications for life as a ‘Jedi’ mum.

Quote 1 – Don’t take everything on your own shoulders as your responsibility, as sometimes it really is no-one’s fault. Also sometimes when your child says it is not their fault consider the distinct possibility they are telling the truth.

Quote 2 – What do you choose to focus on in your mothering life? The piles of laundry or a  gappy toothed smile?

Quote 3 – Yoda got it right. Get into action that is determined towards what you really want to achieve and don’t give up easily. If you look for it, there usually is another way to achieve what you want to achieve. You can also encourage your child to commit fully to what they want in life.

Quote 4 – Be ready with the plasters with pictures on them for when there are playground scrapes. A big dose of empathy also helps when you have to step in as a mum to sort things out for your little ones.

Quote 5 – Rather than depending on luck encourage your children to practise the things that they want to become good at. For example great piano playing usually comes from practising regularly rather than from natural talent.

Carol Dwhttp://mindsetonline.com/abouttheauthor/eck writes about this in her wonderful book ‘Mindset.’ Through encouraging practice you encourage your child to have a growth mindset.

Rather than saying ‘You’re really good at that’ you can talk about the differences that practising regularly is making and ask your child about how they feel about the progress that they are making.

Quote 6 – Make it clear to your children that you have faith in them and in what they can achieve. Have faith in yourself as a mother and that you can tap into your intuition about what is best for your children even when you ask others for guidance.

Quote 7 – When you get a bad feeling about a school, a club your child goes to don’t ignore your intuition and talk to your child about their experience of it or find out more before enrolling your child there in the first place.

Quote 8 – What are the traps you find yourself in as a mother? What are the expectations of what a good mother should do that hold you back from being fully you and would in fact make no difference to the well-being of your child?

Quote 9 – When the school system encourages your child to work beyond what enables them to use their creativity don’t get caught up in only chasing the grades, rather than the fullness and beauty of a childhood with time for imagination.

Quote 10 – When you choose a school or play-group don’t just go by how pretty the displays are in the classroom. Read reports, talk to other parents, see how happy the children are that are there.

I’d love to hear from you about your own ‘Jedi’ mum powers. Let me know in the comments below.

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