A bottomless well of creativity / A.K.A. Kick ass creativity



This morning I listed to this podcast.

In the podcast Alexandra Franzen talks about how she changed the game of what she was doing. She remembers Marie Forleo asking how would you behave if you were the best at what you do.

Not how would you think, how many twitter followers would you have…

How would you behave?

So I would write this to you and I would know and trust that there are always going to be more blog posts and guest post ideas to come in the future.

You see, creativity just doesn’t run out.

It’s limitless.


Like ‘Friends’ reruns on T.V.

I’ve been helping some people with their guest posting and they run into the demons and dementors of the finite.

‘What if they don’t write back about the guest post that I submit? How soon can I send it to someone else?’

Do you think Danielle La Porte wonders where her next truth bomb is coming from?

Do you think Mike Dooley wonders what the hell the universe is going to say next in its notes or if the universe is ever going to have something to say ever again?

When you guest post you can write it like a love letter to where it is meant for. ‘Here, I got to know you, I looked at what you wanted and here it is, tied in ribbon just for you.’

‘You want white orchids? Here they are.’

‘Blood red roses? Certainly.’

If someone did not reply to a love letter you sent would you think, ‘Oh well then I’ll change the name at the top and send it to someone else’?’

The thing is you don’t need to trust in yourself, you don’t need to think that you are the creative genius and that all the creativity comes from you.

Allow it to come through you.

Trust that it will.

Don’t hoard it.

When ever you create or send out a guest post or publish a blog instead of thinking what on earth am I going to write about next, just trust that it will come.

Then teach your children the same. Teach them that they can and will always be creative because it is just part of who we are a humans.

Just knowing that the well of creativity never dries up is the first step. Catch yourself when you say things that show a lack of trust in this.

When you send something creative out into the world let go of it. Otherwise you are like a mother clinging to her child’s ankles as he or she goes through their school day.

Don’t depend on that thing to make all the difference. Don’t believe that your future depends on it.

Your future depends on believing that you will always have more to give and the well that you draw your creativity from will never, ever run dry.

I’d love to hear from you, do you sometimes believe that you won’t know what to write about next or do you trust deeply that ‘there’s more where that came from?’ Let me know in the comments below.