About Martha Beck Life Coach Training

I completed Martha Beck Life Coach training in July. It is one of the best things I have ever done in my life. It took me a long time to commit to doing it, as it is a sizeable financial investment.

I had loved Martha’s books for many years. I began with ‘Following Your Own North Star.’ This book is a gift to anyone still wondering what they should do when they grow up, as I was. It also has the unusual feature in a self-help book of being wittily written and having exercises in it that you actually want to do and then afterwards see the benefit of having done.

Martha has an amazing quirky sense of humour and I love quirkiness. She blazes the way in being utterly, unapologetically yourself, taking naps when you need to and valuing doing things you actually enjoy. You learn to be kind to yourself and to enable others to be kind to themselves too.

I found out more about the training first of all using the exploration package on her website for people interested in becoming a coach through her training. This is really worthwhile and includes an audio question and answer session that explains the different parts of the course.

I feel so equipped now, that the set of tools I have really can help people break down the barriers we put in our own way from where we are and where we want to be, the barrier between not trusting in our talents and abilities and owning and using them wholeheartedly and with pleasure.

The central tenant of the training is if it does not feel good, stop doing it and if it does feel good then you are moving in the direction of your right life.

We are watching a lot of ‘Charlie and Lola’ here at the moment so in that spirit:

My bestest most funnest things about Martha Beck coach training

1) The calls with Martha, which are included on the course where she discusses homework and coaches.

2) The amazing Master Coaches who do the weekly calls and have so much experience to learn from. The fact that they are all so individual helps you to find your own individual coaching style.

3) The tools – I love my coaching tool kit, I’m sure I will expand it and tailor it to my own needs further, but the tools I have learnt work and I can see them working with my clients.

4) My coaching buddies – I have a group of eight coaching buddies. I was put in a small group to begin with and we have added a few members as time has gone on. Being able to begin practising of fellow coaches in training is like having trainer wheels on a bike. You learn together. My coaching buddies are amazing and I am looking forward to witnessing the stellar progress of their businesses. We are there for each other.

5) Ongoing support – when you do Martha Beck training the support continues after the course finishes through forums and the coach spot website where you can listen to calls with other Martha Beck coaches and so continue your learning. I love to keep learning so this is a big plus for me.

6) The information about ethics and setting up a business is excellent, thorough and puts you on a firm ethical foundation. There is less about marketing your business and getting clients. I had some of this knowledge already from Marie Forleo’s B-School, so this was less of an issue for me when choosing the course.

7) There is a huge amount of content, but the pace is good and you can fit in doing the coach training to a normal life.

8) I felt well supported. I knew if I was having a problem then there was someone to help.

9) Martha’s quirkiness and sense of fun are in the training. You never feel like you are reading boring ‘information that must be covered’. The sense of fun and individually of the Master Coaches also means that training was always interesting and sparky.

10) You get to be you. You are not trying to fit into some mould.


I am not compensated financially in any way for this piece so what it says is true for me. It’s only true for me, so if you are interested you need to check it out some more and figure out for yourself what coach training makes your heart sing.