A Very Big Adventure

I am so excited to be going to the Alive in Berlin event on this coming Friday and Saturday. It will be my first time in Berlin and the first self-development conference I have ever been to.

I was interviewed by Jana Shuberth, who is my coach, about my story and how I came to be a life-coach. The speakers at the event are going to include Chris Guillebeau ( whose books are amazing and speak of a big alternative to the 9 to 5) and Pam Slim of ‘Escape Cubicle Nation’. She has recently had her book ‘Body of Work’ published. These are amazing speakers.

My own coach, Jana Shuberth of Love Work Now is organising the conference and so I have total faith that it is going to be amazing. She is making her dream of bringing together people in Europe who are interested in self help and self development and living a wonderful and totally alive life.

Here are some wonderful Alive In Berlin interviews including my own: