Amazing day, amazing week.

IMG_6698freeWhat a gorgeous day!

It was a day to be dreamed of and then experience in slow ‘Chariots of Fire’ motion.

A day of mental skipping through the meadow, ‘Little House on the Prairie’ style.


Let me tell you….

Blue skies in a January Hamburg.

My little one’s first piano concert, age 5 playing ‘Christmas Cheer’ (sent home to practice over Christmas, who cares if it’s New Year) and ‘Jelly on a Plate’.

My post published on Mind Body Green.

I also had a post featured on a gorgeous site I love called Savouring Simplicity.

A brilliant free web consultation with Jess Catorc that I won in a competition.

My gorgeous husband coming home after racing in England.

A celebration tea at a German cafe that my little one and I love and are welcomed in as locals.

Reading the wonderful work of my dear coaching buddy Christel Van Gelder and just knowing how much she is going to rock her business in this world.

The support and encouragement of my brilliant coach, Jana Schuberth, other coaching buddies, the Martha Beck tribe, the Bright Eyed and Blog Hearted course members and Marie Forleo’s B-Schoolers.

It’s also an amazing week as I have changed the focus of coaching to coaching women on wealth and health. This makes me so happy I want to dance. (Thanks coach Jana)

Thank you for heading to this site, wherever you got here from. I want you to have blue sky days too. SO MUCH. I want for you to be aglow with wealth and health.

Are all days and weeks like this?

No way.

Can there be more?

For sure.

This is just one big adventure. Buckle up.

‘Goodnight John-Boy.’ (O.K. so if you never watched Little House on the Prairie’ let’s just say, signing off for now)

2 thoughts on “Amazing day, amazing week.

  1. I read your post on MindBodyGreen about meditations. Are those each meant to be done each day or rotate through them?

    1. Hi Beth, thanks for popping over from Mind Body Green. I wake up at 6am and do about three of them between 6am and half six, but it’s completely up to you. Hope this helps, Deborah

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