One to one coaching

Be the kind of parent you want to be without running on empty.

Is being a parent harder than you thought it would be?

You’ve always been someone other people rely on to organize the Thing That Needs Organizing or to meet the looming project deadline, so why does parenting feel so hard? 

You’re tired of juggling multiple changes of plan for online homeschool and now all of a sudden there are school forms, water bottles, swim club and music lesson schedules to keep track of! EEK!

You grab five minutes to read ‘Vogue’ and you’re left wondering how the woman in the heritage watch advert is able to take a thoughtful and poignant moment to think of passing on the elegant watch to her elegant children. They all seem to be really enjoying their trip to the opera…

And how on earth does she wear white?

That’s just asking for ketchup. (though probably her children never eat ketchup)

The Vogue reading is yet again called to an abrupt halt.

Since when did five minutes lying on the bathroom floor become self-care?

Netflix and even the loveliest artisan chocolate 🍫  aren’t cutting it and you never get round to reading that pile of novels you want to read, never mind writing that novel you want to write.

You worry about whether you are doing a good enough job as a parent and self-doubt creeps in like a child who’s up after bedtime. You’re so busy noticing how well other people are doing that you’ve lost connection with your intuition about you own best way forward.

Your doubts about your parenting are affecting many aspects of your life. You sometimes feel resentful that it seems easier for your partner and they just don’t seem to get your love language.

You always seem to be the one who has to know where the band-aids/ballet shoes/passports are kept and what time the party/the dentist appointment/the parent teacher conference are on. 

Doubting yourself as a parent also makes you feel in a tug of war between your parenting and your work.

You feel guilty when you’re on excel crunching numbers, writing or avoiding writing blog posts for your business, giving the lecture or leading the board room and ALSO guilt when you’re at the park eating ice cream and watching clouds go by with your child.

It feels like there’s no way of winning.

Feeling tired also means you don’t have the energy to create the workshop for your clients or to learn Italian like you always hoped you would. Where is the bella vita you dreamed of when you made that vision board?

What if there was another way?

What if parenting didn’t have to feel so hard?

Imagine if you finally felt that you were the kind of parent you want to be without running on empty… 

You’re able to connect your mind with your body and tap into your intuition as you parent.

You’re excited to hop out of bed and start your day. You feel a lot calmer and you’re able to notice the good parts of the day.

You feel more rested too and actually feel the benefit of your yoga class. You even start to make time for the creative things that you enjoy. 

You feel like you again, your best parenting life, with no hashtag needed to prove it to anyone. You’ve even got more patience for those grunchy tired end of day moments.

You can listen to your inner knowing or intuition and can follow it to the things YOU want rather than the things other people are telling you that you ought to want. 

Hi, I’m Deborah Chalk.

I’m a life coach who helps parents be the kind of parent they want to be without running on empty. (no perfection required) I help them to handle parenting life using mind-body connection and manifestation so they don’t need to feel crappy all the time.

You’ll learn exactly the things you can do to stop feeling dissatisfaction and overwhelm and start enjoying life as a parent more of the time. 

When we’re done, you’ll have ways to support yourself each and every day in being the kind of parent you want to be without running on empty.

BLOSSOM coaching package

This introductory one month long coaching package will help you begin on your journey to being the kind of parent you want to be without running on empty.

As a result of this 1-1 program, you’ll…

  • Have individualised and targeted support and coaching for your parenting and for yourself as an individual over a one month period.
  • Start clearing out your self-doubt and perfectionism for more inner peace.
  • Learn mind-body tools and techniques to feel calm.
  • Gain insight into how to deal with stories you tell yourself about not being good enough and start to increase your confidence as a parent.
  • Begin to connect mind and body so you can build a foundation to help you tap into your inner wisdom or intuition so it can guide you in your parenting.
  • Dial down the guiltometer and ease into taking more time for rest, play and creativity.
  • Begin topping up your parenting tank.
  • Learn how to practise recognising your own needs by using your intuition and begin meeting them so you are on the runway to a new way of being in your parenting.

As my mentor Dr Martha Beck says the purpose of coaching to to connect you with your innate knowledge of the life that is best for you and then support you in the creation of that life.

This package includes:

‘I need coffeeeeee’ pre-work form

This simple questionnaire will help us get clear on where in particular you’re finding things hard in your life as a parent. With a firm foundation we’ll be able to get off to a great start in helping you to release tension and start topping up your parenting tank so you can be the kind of parent you want to be more and more of the time.

 ‘Alpaca My Life with Joy’ coaching sessions

45 to 60 mins each (on ZOOM, Skype of Phone conference) These are 1-1 made to measure coaching sessions just for you! You have up to 1 month to use your sessions and there’s the option of either 2 or 4 sessions for this package.

We’ll dive in and get you started in a new direction and with new intention on the work that has the potential to change so much for you.

We’ll talk about the things you need to talk about, the struggles you have and help you find a plan for a new way forward, a different way of approaching your parenting life, a different way of being in your day-to-day life where you’re able to use and trust intuition to guide you.

Mind body magic practice

Step-by-step notes on how to use this tailored practice on your own so you’re not scribbling away on our sessions together. You’ll be able to draw on this for years after our coaching time together.

Bookie Monster (that’s me) recommends

I’ll use my bookie monster’s intuition and  share recommendations for books and resources I think you’ll love.



2 session option is £499

4 session option is £899

Want to take things further? Here are my longer term package offers:

BLOOM – 3 months (6 sessions of between 45 and 60 minutes) £1399

FLOURISH – 6 months (12 sessions of between 45 and 60 minutes) £2499

Let’s Get Started

Want to coach together? Excellent! Here’s how to get started.

Write to me at to let me know a bit about you, why you’d like us to coach together and which coaching package you’d like to sign up for:


Blossom 2 sessions 1 month £499

Blossom 4 sessions 1 month £899

Bloom 6 sessions 3 months £1399

Flourish 12 sessions 6 months £2499

For all package options a reasonable amount of email support is available in UK business hours as an additional support to coaching sessions.

I’ll be in touch so we can get things set up and get started.

Have questions? Email me.


As a mother, Deborah really knew where I was at. She was SO gentle and totally got my sensitivity and and could handle it, which I really appreciated. There were so many results and realizations that it is difficult to capture them all.
I realized that that I don’t have to sell myself short I can make my dreams for work and life manifest, but I need to ensure self care and really really hone my intuition and listen to my gut instincts, so I don’t get overwhelmed with life. I’ve also gained more confidence in my writing and published articles.
 I loved having Deborah to confide in and found the email coaching in between sessions hugely supportive. I would recommend coaching with Deborah to other mums like me that are struggling to work out what to do post baby, to budding writers, to coaches, to sensitive people. 
Deborah was there for me when I needed her, through the yucky times and in the good. She was so dependable. I’m now excited about the growth of my Earth Mama business and looking forward to working with my new clients.
Elizabeth Santos  is a physiotherapist and naturopath with a gentle and holistic approach and a special interest in women’s and children’s health.
Deborah is a fantastic coach. She is incredibly knowledgable and she is also really kind and caring and makes you feel really supported.
Through using mind body tools she has really helped me connect back to my intuition and become more aware of what I am feeling and how I am responding in the moment.
She has really helped me work through some blocks and also reconnect to my creativity. 
I am really grateful for the impact she has had on my life over the last year and would definitely recommend Deborah as a coach.
S Jamieson

Coaching with Deborah has changed my life in a very significant, positive way. I’ve been challenged to think about things differently, in a much better than the way I would naturally revert to thinking.

My mind has expanded. My belief in myself feels even more secure. I have taken away many life lessons even from the very first coaching session.

I would recommend working with Deborah to mums who want to run their own businesses from home (or similar) because this would be perfect for these types of visionary, entrepreneurial women.

Deborah challenges you to think about problems or internal battles very differently but in such a way that it is YOU discovering the changes and solutions for YOURSELF.

She guides people to be their own best friend again and to make changes that they can take away from the call and apply to real life scenarios (without Deborah around to talk through the steps).

Roxanne Ford

Deborah! Watching you grow as a person, woman, wife, mother and coach these past three years has been awe-inspiring.

You’ve stepped into a way of being with yourself — confident, trusting, loving, joyful, steady, true — and from there things have shifted.

You are loving your partnership! Loving your little one! Loving your whole life! And, from my perspective, that has given you the courage and strength to step out into the world as a coach.

Your own journey — from fear to love — has given you the only thing that teaches, real life experience.

I know that anyone who has the privilege of working with you is exceptionally fortunate to have a supportive guide who understands what it means to transform and evolve. Because you have. Massively and beautifully.

I love you!

Carrie Contey, PhD.Founder of Evolve – A year-long program for conscious parents

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