Better Business Truths for Coaches




Last week I wrote about the truth about building your own business. I need to revise what I wrote as I realised this week that in some of them I was caught up in a little bit of limited thinking.

I can believe that building a business is going to be hard graft or I can believe that it can be done with love and ease. I was framing it from a struggle point of view and it does not have to be seen this way.

A big part of that love and ease has been the realisation that I am here to help coaches or those who are considering becoming coaches with their lives and their businesses.

When you realise that you are enough when you know that you are here to do the work that you are here to do, you can begin to let go of your limitations, including business limitations.

So here are the revised better business truths:

1. You need to play to make your work, work.

2. You are the only you, there’s no-one to compare you to.

3. Your right clients are out there and they need your help to get to them. They are ready and willing and use Paypal.

4. When pitches get a no it’s because there are bigger and better plans for you.

5. You are much further down the road than you think and in any moment you might be surprised that you have arrived at your destination much sooner than you expected to.

6. You have all the answers, but sometimes it can still be fun to take a course or listen to a webinar.

7. Your work will sometimes take you in unexpected directions and these are a good thing.

8. The work of building a business will realign your relationship with money in a good way. You’ll be more aware of how it comes into your life and where it goes and treat it with a new respect. (loving reading ‘The Wealth Chef’ by Ann Wilson.)

9. You are stronger than you ever thought you were and your important work in the world is finding you in this moment.

10. After storms of self-doubt, the light will peek from behind the clouds and you’ll remember why you’re doing what you’re doing and begin again.

11. You’ll learn that even though building a business can be focused on the money, it’s by not focusing on the money that you’ll make money.

12. [Tweet “Selling can be a sacred rather than a scared exchange of value.”]

13. You’ll have a new-found respect for business owners in your community and online who have the courage to show up and do the work.

14. You’ll make friends going through the same journey, who you’ll come to call your soul sisters and brothers.

15. Your clients will give you faith in the good intentions of others and the determination and will to succeed inherent in humans. They’ll also reflect to you weaknesses that you see in yourself and in helping them to heal, you’ll help to heal yourself.

16. [Tweet “Hitting publish becomes easier the more you do it (and when you put it on your calendar as an appointment you need to make.)”]

17. You can reroute but you never have to give up.

18. You are enough.

19. You do enough.

20. Your life is not on Facebook and your business is not either, even if it is an online business. Business is a relationship involving you, your clients, your collaborators, trust and growth.