Laying Business and Entrepreneurship Foundations.

I am so happy this week to be continuing to build my coaching business, putting in place business and entrepreneurship foundations, so that it can better serve you and get the word out about my work. I am learning so much at the moment about building my business and thought you might like to know some of the resources that I am using to help me learn. These are not affiliate links. It’s just that I am a connector and a relator and love to share great resources that I have found.

I am working through Marie Forleo’s B-School for the second time. Once you sign up for the first time it is free to keep the materials and then to take B-School again when the programme runs again. B-School is an online business marketing school. Marie Forleo is amazing and puts out a weekly free video on her site.  I have a new communication plan to stay in touch with you lovely people and to provide more and more of what is of value to you. I am now working on building my email subscriber list. You can help with this by signing up on this page to receive my email newsletters. All the business building classes I have taken talk about the importance of list building.

I have committed to working with Jenny Shih from March of next year. I think working with her will help me to take my business to the next level and to set up excellent systems that again enable me to provide the best service possible to you.

I continue to work with my amazing coach, Jana Schuberth. Her new website is in creation at the moment and I had the pleasure of writing a testimonial for her this week. She helped me so much in making the transition to Germany and then establishing a coaching business so much easier and more fun and I am so grateful to her.

I added Popupally Pro to my site to help with List Building. The company is run by Nathalie Lussier. It is her bonus material on B-School which helped me to build my own website. When I needed help with this I got an answer back very quickly and it was really helpful. I knew that the down the line help with this would be great and it is.

I have been listening to ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’ on one direction on the school run and ‘Money and the Law of Attraction’ on the other journey on the school run. I am now wondering as I write this whether this means I am going to end up attracting a whole load of chocolate.

Well, there are worse things than that!

What business building resources are you using at the moment? Let me know in the comments.

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    1. Thanks Nathalie. I built this website myself with the B-School bonuses so thank you for the help!

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