Business without the busy mess.

How can you be in business without the busy mess? There’s just so much distraction, things to do, options, advice, books, competition….

Ideas are sparking and there are lights flashing all over your internet screen telling you to ‘buy now’ and that this online course will solve all your problems, or at least one of them, and that’s a start, isn’t it?

Deep breath.

Time to unhook the paypal account, the way that people used to leave the phone off the hook, when phone receivers were attached to phones with spiral cords and there was no such thing as email. (What did people waste time on before email?)

What if all the other ideas that everyone else has are better than your ideas?

What if they know the secret?

What if they have bought the right programme and you haven’t?

The thing is what if you know the secret, and you just have not realised it yet?

What if you still think that you are an ugly duckling because you are so tied to your past history, the one with the grey feathers that stick up all over the place in need of GFD’s (good feather days)?

You have not looked at your reflection in the river recently and realised that you have become a swan.

Hey, those white feathers look good on you!

So there you are, a swan gliding along.

The only thing is you are paddling like crazy with your feet below the waterline and it is getting tiring.

Surely all the other swans aren’t doing the same?

Go on do a swan flip top, stick that long neck of yours under the water. See those other swans?


Paddling fast too?…

That’s what I thought.

The sun is out and it’s time for a rest on the grassy bank, that one there under the apple tree.

Get out of the water.

Shake those feathers down, it’s the weekend.

Curl your long neck around and rest your head on your feathers.

The river is going to keep flowing. It will be there when it’s time.

If you wait you might catch it when the flow is just right and then you won’t need all that CRAZY paddling.

For now rest, feel the sun on your back.

Pure grace.