Change of course

Dear beautiful readers,

To be a coach it helps to have a coach and I have had an amazing one for the past year and a half, Jana Schuberth of Love Work Now.

I had a coaching session earlier this week and it was about who my work is to help.

I know that I am meant to help coaches and I know that this part of my work will grow and develop as I develop my business more. I wasn’t yet sure what the other part of the puzzle was as there are so many things that I love to do.

In a deep coaching session I realised my deep calling to also help mothers to navigate motherhood in a way that is graceful when it can be and supported and nurtured when it needs to be.

I had to get past limiting beliefs about needing to be the perfect mother to do this work.

I had to get past limiting beliefs about there being other coaches out there who do this work so brilliantly.

But they are not me and I not them.

What is my basis for this change, apart from my intuition screaming it to me?

I am a mother.

I have struggled as a mother.

I have excelled as a mother.

I can use my Martha Beck coaching skills to help mothers.

I am a qualified teacher of 3-11 year olds and have five years of teaching experience.

I have studied positive parenting and conscious parenting with Carrie Contey Phd’s Evolve programme for three years.

I have studied Mama self-care with work on Lisa Grace Byrne’s programmes.

I have set up my own business as a mother who has relocated with her partner 9 times in 15 years.

I can help mothers who want their own business and work that they love.

I have loved working with mothers during my coaching practice and helping them to make profound differences moment to moment and through time.

I am a conscious parent who loves fashion and time to myself too.

I have shelves of parenting books and actually I realise how I have read a lot of them and how I love to read them.

I am a thinking parent who can get covered in paint, surrounded by noise and excitement, but still needs her time to think.

I am a mixture between organised and chaotic, because sometimes there needs to be boundaries and sometimes there needs to be the freedom of flow. I won’t always follow the steps on a beautifully made plan, even if I enjoy colouring it in.

So there you have it, my reasons for changing course and focus.

SO dear reader if my new change of tack does not fit with the help you need feel free to stop visiting.

If it does, stay with me for the journey is going to be beautiful.

Change, of course (Change – of course change happens!)

Mama llama ding dong,