Not now doesn’t mean not ever

spring tulips in bud

It’s been a long time since I’ve written here. I was waiting for right timing and here it is.

Since the last post here I’ve worked as a career coach for a company in America, as a business mindset coach, again for a company in America and as a copywriter.

I’ve been figuring out what my work is, what it’s meant to be, what it’s asking of me.

The themes in my own life have been learning to trust and waiting for right timing. I’ve been learning to let go of control when control is something that feels like it keeps me safe.

At the start of last month I spied a competition to win a book deal and an agent. I was determined that I would enter it and it was My Big Chance.

One thing I’ve learnt through my life and through my last seven years of being a coach is there is no One Big Chance.

We might label something that way and think that if we miss out on that occasion then we have missed out forever.

It’s only our last chance if we decide to throw in the towel, if we give up.

I am learning more and more to follow my intuition and love to use this and the law of attraction to create my future.

I know that this is the time to claim my coachiness and to serve as a coach. I’ve worked out that the themes of my coaching work are confidence, creativity and calm. The calm is the kind of calm that comes with self-compassion, the kind where you’re not beating yourself up for every. little. thing.

It’s not my time to write books, but that does not mean that it will never be my time to do that.

It’s is my time to sing too, to allow myself to sing and to go to singing lessons. You might think that weird, allow yourself to do something create that you enjoy? How hard is that?

For responsible, you can count on us people, doing something that we love and allowing ourselves to do that thing can be a challenge.

We need to give ourselves the permission to be who we are.

We need to give ourselves the permission to do the things we are called to do.

That doesn’t mean though that we need to do ALL THE THINGS at once. That would be crazy making.

So not now, doesn’t need to mean not ever.

Where do you want to give yourself permission to say yes?

What can be left on the back burner for now?

What happens if you give fewer things the space they need to flourish?