Thank you so much for being here and reading this in this moment.

It’s the holidays here and that has set me thinking about the choice between connecting online and connecting with people face to face.

It also has me realising that through choosing one, you are by default not choosing the other. So I can choose to spend the holidays working on my coaching business as much as is possible, or I can instead choose to give myself the time and space to be part of family life and to do the things that at first seem as though they in no way help my business.

I say ‘at first seem’ as there really is potential for everything you do outside your business to in some small unexpected way, positively affect your business.

So first there is the choice about whether you choose to value connection with those you love.

From that intention comes how you act and how you spend your moment to moment.

As you read, think about where you want to reestablish connection.

That connection might be to your own heart, it might be to your child, it might be to someone you love and care about or it might be to the sense of possibility and wonderment that you once had. This connection, whatever it is, is probably not an online one. :-)

Connection is a spark from your heart that is powerful and true. It is felt in a moment and over time and makes the sky bluer and the Spring flowers grow in hope.

You might need to pack a bag before you go.

[bctt tweet=”You might need to fold away your doubt and your shame and your not enoughness, even though they are starchy and don’t fold easily.”]

You might need to see that the growing of your business can wait while you make cookies with your children or make Spring lambs from cotton wool balls.

Allow that this Spring will be a new beginning for you where you are more fully yourself than you ever have been. A Spring in which you allow yourself to turn up as that imperfect but at the same time, deeply perfect women that you are.

Know that this journey to create your own business, to raise a family or to follow the inklings of what you future greatness is requires that you are you.

The untarnished, un-airbrushed, look to the stars part of you, that believes in you and what you are here to do. It believes in your essential good nature and your willingness to make a difference.

The great journey that is yours requires that you connect and connect with love, respect and a willingness to do what is good and to see the good in others too.

When the bag of doubt is packed, what is left? What does it allow you?