Consistent content for the inconsistent

Want to create consistent content but keep getting stuck?

As a coach building an online business you’ll often be told the importance of putting out consistent content. But what if you’re not very good at being consistent? What if you’re the sort of person who starts off very enthused and then the enthusiasm wears off and then you no longer do what you set out to do?

First, it’s not helping berating yourself for being inconsistent. You would if you could! You might be the sort of person who is always getting excited about the next thing and that might just be part of who you are as a creative person.

You can still put out content consistently even though you have a tendency to be inconsistent. Some of these ideas may work for you and some not, the key is finding what works for you as an individual and then using that to your advantage.

Think about why you want to put out content consistently. Make a list of the reasons. Is it to create community? Is it to grow your email list size? Is it to create brand awareness? It helps when you get clear abut your motivation.

Then use your powers of inconsistency to batch and schedule content. When you batch and schedule posts you’re looking after you future self as the content will already be ready to wing its way to your ideal clients. Some schedulers will even create a bank of content and automatically reuse content if there is not new content to share. Work on your batches when you’re feeling in a good space.

Use resources that you already have. For example if you’ve run a course and have recorded the sessions then mine them for blog content. This doesn’t mean sharing private information about the people that you’ve coached with, but listening to the calls can help inspire you with themes that come up in your coaching and tools that you have naturally created in the course of coaching someone.

Tracking the coaching tools that you naturally create can also be wonderful when you come to create workshops or courses as you’ll already have your own tried and tested ways of working with people.

Also, it’s better to turn up at all and provide value than to think that unless you’re very consistent it doesn’t count. Every time you reach out authentically your ideal client gets to know you better and can come to trust you that little bit more as part of the foundation of you working together.

Notice where your perfectionism is getting in the way of you sharing content. Your ideal coaching clients are better off knowing you than never knowing you because you’re hung up about needing to appear perfect. What if you being imperfect made you more relatable to them? What if your writing was good enough without it needing to solve every issue they could possibly have?

Lower the bar where you need to. Perhaps you don’t need quite as many posts or your content doesn’t need to be as lengthy. Perhaps you can schedule in breaks and let your audience know that they are coming and in this way model self-care. Ask yourself where you can make this easier for yourself. What kind of content do you enjoy creating? Choose to create more of that and less of the types of content that don’t come as naturally to you.

Content is never going to solve every issue as everybody is so individual. Instead it is a doorway to helping your ideal client start to understand the kind of work you do so they can get a sense of whether you’re the right person for them to work with.

I work with clients creating consistent content and copy for their businesses. Sometimes I write it for them and sometimes I coach with them to help them have more confidence and to create on a consistent basis in line with the goals for their business. If you’re interested in talking together about how I can help please email me at