Cool Life Coaching Schools / Certifications to Consider (not affiliate links)- Updated April 2021

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When I was choosing a coach training school, I did something that at that time was new for me. I went for the coach school that spoke to my heart rather than my head.

I am a certified Martha Beck coach and I took that coach training because I had loved Martha’s work through my twenties, even when I was in jobs that were a poor match for me and felt trapped in them. I found her work in Oprah Winfrey’s magazine and then went on to read her books, beginning with ‘Finding Your Own North Star.’ It was this book together with Julia Cameron’s ‘The Artist’s Way,’ that taught me to listen to my heart and my body rather than to my head.

The sensible good girl part of me didn’t approve so much as this coaching school didn’t meet the criteria of the ICF (International Coaching Federation) at the time.

Martha explained that the reason that they don’t follow this is so they can teach what they know is really useful to coaches, rather than follow prescribed routes to creating a great coach. (Update 2021 – I think this may have changed now in terms of the ICF accreditation of the course, please check with the school)

I loved my Martha Beck training. The tools and skills I learnt are transformational for my clients and I am really confident about my coaching skills.

There is an element of marketing training in the coaching but this is not the main focus of the training. I like that there is ongoing support after training as there is a main forum and other connected forums which engaged and supportive. There are also regular calls created by other coaches, a library of previous calls and quarterly calls with Martha herself.

Since I took training Martha has also created a new set of videos that go through the coaching skills and that are a super resource.

I was lucky to connect with a few other European based coaches in the training and we are still in touch.

One thing to note is that you invest in the training and then there is a further investment if you wish to go through the certification process. The school holds regular calls about the coach training so you can find out more. Some of the classes in the training are given my Martha but for the majority, you will be in the hugely capable hands of one of the highly experienced Master Coaches that she has trained. I particularly liked this as it gave a depth of understanding that comes from hearing about topics from different teachers.

There is an optional ‘meet and greet’ in America. I did not go to this as the cost involved could not be supported by my business at that time. I already felt well supported and connected to my fellow coaches online.

I hope in the future to go on the do the Martha Beck Master Coach training, and for this the training in America is not an optional element.

So being a coaching / learning junkie I have got to know about other coach trainings through my online work and my Martha Beck buddies. I would never rule out doing another coach training as there is always more to learn.

Here are some others that you could have a look at and consider:

Mind Body Coach Training with Abigail Steidley. (Now called Abigail Morgan) Abigail is also a Martha Beck Master coach with her own coach training. I took classes with her in my own coach training and learnt a huge amount from her about the mind-body connection. I also was part of her ‘Kindness Community’ for some time and her work is genuine, authentic and well-researched. This training concentrates on mind-body work and also helping people cope with pain, whether that be physical or emotional pain. It is an online training.

Update 2021 – I went on to take this coach training last year. It was incredible and I am so lucky to have a whole new toolbox of tools to help the clients that I coach. I now feel that I am able to tap into mind body connection and listen to my inner wisdom. Abigail also has a mind body coaching community where she helps people with their first step into mind body coaching tools

‘Beautiful You Coaching Academy’ – I am a member of the ‘Bright Eyed and Blog Hearted’ course by Rachel MacDonald and a number of the group participants have trained there. It is an amazing group of people. The fantastic Amy Mackenzie of  ‘Designing Her Life’ did her training with ‘Beautiful You Coaching Academy’. I was coached by her when she was newly certified and she was an excellent coach even in the very early stages of her business. This makes me think this is a good coaching school to explore. They also have a great associated magazine called ‘Inspired Coach’.

‘BARE’ certification from Martha Beck Master Coach, Susan Hyatt. I love Susan’s work and took part in her ‘Go Get It’ programme last year and I am soon to take part in her ‘Clear Coaches’ programme, which is a business building and clarity programme for coaches. Her ‘BARE’ certification is all about helping women become happy in their own bodies and to have a better, more loving relationship with themselves and their bodies. The training is a mixture of in-person training and online training. Susan’s trainings are thoughtful,  from the heart, worthwhile, fun and give you action points that you can actually figure out how to action. (Update 2021 Susan now also has her own coaching school and I particularly love that diversity and social inclusion are included in this training). You could join her Facebook group for coaches to dip your toes in.)

Courageous Living Coach Certification from Kate Courageous – I have not worked with Kate personally, but I am hugely impressed with her online work. Her training has both life coaching and marketing elements. Even the reading list for this training is exciting for a coachy fact-finder like me. This is a mixture of in-person and online training. The in-person part of the training is compulsory.

Jenny Fenig ‘Get Gutsy Coach Training School’ – When I was first starting coaching I won a place on one of Jenny’s smaller programmes and I loved her mixture of warm presence, business savvy and determination. I was also happy to be an advance reader for the book she authored. Definitely another coaching school to check out.

Please understand that I am not saying that any of these schools is the right one for you and the one that you should train (small print bit) -nor am I guaranteeing that training with any of them is your ultimate success path.

You need to find out more about them for yourself and find out which one serves your favourite flavour of coach school ice cream.

I think it’s wonderful that these women have built thriving coaching practices and are now determined to help others to do the same. It’s really worthwhile taking the time to find out which is right for you by researching online and talking to people who have taken the trainings that you are considering.

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