Writing coaching, mentoring and services for coaches and heart-led entrepreneurs.

Copy and content

Know what you do, have the copy and content to express what that is and more confidence to share it with others.

You’ve taken trainings to be able to do the work that you do and you LOVE the work that you do. You’ve taken business trainings too, but you’re having trouble getting started, things are stalling or you feel called in a new direction that you’d like some help in pivoting or uplevelling to.

You have SO many responsibilities as a mom and when you add in all the big dreams you want to work on to create and grow your business, it’s a LOT.

  • You know you’re meant to have a niche or a new avatar, but despite reading 57 FREE PDF downloads about how to do this, your niche has not been nailed or your avatar has gone AWOL. You know that your ideal client loves Brené Brown and would wear white linen shirts if there wasn’t the possibility her child would get chocolatey fingers or dribble on them, but what else?!

  • You know that you’re meant to have your homepage written and editorial calendar completed but by the time you get to it you’re so exhausted that you’re called to the sofa to chill out with ‘The Crown,’ hot chocolate and ‘Green & Blacks,’ just in case there isn’t enough chocolate in the hot chocolate.

  • You lie awake feeling self-doubt that creeps in like a child up late after bedtime. Then just when you’re getting back to sleep, your actual child creeps in late after bedtime. It’s really hard to get to sleep with a little elbow stuck in your side and a teddy bear squashed up against your face.

  • You find yourself getting six-figure biz and Instagram envy on a regular basis. How is it even possible to do that with one webinar?

What if there was another way?

What if you had clarity about your work in the world, the copy and content that expressed that authentically and the confidence to share about it?

Creating copy and content for your heart-led business can be simpler, faster and easier.

  • You’re able to connect your mind with your body and tap into your intuition to help you in creating for your business and sharing about it.

  • You’re excited to hop out of bed and start your day. You feel a lot calmer and you’re able to notice the good parts of the day. 

  • You know who you help and what you help them with and your copy and content speaks directly and authentically to them.

  • You feel like you again with no hashtag needed to prove it to anyone. You’ve even got more patience for those grunchy tired end of day moments (your’s and your child’s). 

Hi, I’m Deborah Chalk

If you run a heart-led business, I’d love to help you  create copy and content to communicate your message to your ideal client with authenticity so that it really resonates with them or create the copy for you if that’s what feels good to you.

All of this then leaves you with more bandwidth to be the present and patient parent you hope to be and more energy for kitchen dance parties. Turn up the music!

Velvet Ink

1 Month Writing / Copywriting INFUNSIVE (like an intensive, only more fun)

As a result of working with me in this 1-1 coaching program options you’ll:

  • Grow in confidence about your ability to build your business and to help the people that you’re meant to help.

  • Gain more clarity about who you help and how you help them.

  • Have help and support towards creating copy or content that’s authentic to you and speaks to your ideal client.

  • Gain more confidence in creating copy and content for your business.

  • Learn to connect with your intuition and your body for more calm, creativity and confidence.

Getting on the trail – Week 1 Session 1 – 60 mins

We’ll dive in and get you started on a path to more  calm, ease and confidence about the creation of the copy and content for your heart-led business. 

We’ll talk about the things you need to talk about, the struggles you have and help you find a plan for a new way forward, a different way of approaching creation of copy and content.

We’ll decide what our project will be for the month of working together.

At the end of this session either you’ll know your next steps on writing it, or I’ll get started on it. Either way we’ll be in email communication about its creation over the four weeks.

Copy Coffee meet-up Week 2 – 30-60 mins

Check in on the project draft. Let’s see how things are going and steer the copy boat towards the sunset.

Copy Coffee meet-up Week 3-  30-60 mins

Let’s look over the draft together and see how things are going.

Week 4  – 60 mins Wrap up

Let’s add some final polish to that copy or content of yours.

Bookie Monster (that’s me) recommends

I’ll use my bookie monster’s intuition and  share recommendations for books and resources I think you’ll love.

You can email me at deborah@deborahchalk.com and let me know about you and your work so that I can get an idea of whether we would be a great fit to work together in this way.

email me at deborah@deborahchalk.com to discuss your needs.

Investment for this package is dependant upon the size and scope of the project,

Mind-body and Life Coaching

Would you like regular coaching help to help you towards your goals? Learn to connect with your body rather than living in your head all the time. This means that you’re then able to tap into your inner wisdom and use it to guide you to your right life.  When you have this alignment you’re more able to notice opportunities and to be able to take action towards them with confidence. Untangle the self-doubt and limiting beliefs that may have been holding you back.

Coaching investment

6 sessions (45 mins each) £1250

12 sessions (45 minutes each) £2299

Let’s Get Started

Want to coach together? Excellent! Here’s how to get started.

  • Write to me at deborah@deborahchalk.com to let me know a bit about you and what you’d like some help with.
  • We’ll set up a session to discuss the prospect of working together.
  • Have questions? Email me. deborah@deborahchalk.com

‘I’ve been impressed with Deborah for a long while. I loved the copy she wrote for me for a recent launch and it delights me to send her business as a copywriter and writing coach and mentor for my clients. She’s also a truly amazing life coach, who’s highly skilled in supporting and guiding her clients as they move towards their dreams and right life. If you really want to see and feel positive juicy change in your life; or to create copy others CRAVE you should get in touch with her.’

Susan Hyatt, Master Certified Life Coach https://shyatt.com

‘Deborah is a fantastic coach. She is incredibly knowledgable and she is also really kind and caring and makes you feel really supported.’S Jamieson

‘I know that anyone who has the privilege of working with you is exceptionally fortunate to have a supportive guide who understands what it means to transform and evolve. Because you have. Massively and beautifully.’

Carrie Contey, PhD.Founder of Evolve – A year-long program for conscious parents

‘I run industry leading courses for entrepreneurs from beginners through to experienced business owners and I seek out the very best coaches to work on my flagship programs so that clients can make the most progress, see amazing results and feel they’re making real progress towards their dreams.The coaches who are carefully selected for my team have gone through an extremely rigorous multi-stage selection process. Deborah was without doubt an excellent fit for the team of ‘Making it Work Online’. She brought huge amounts of experience and knowledge as a coach, showed dedication to our clients and was an utter delight and warm supportive presence to have on the coaching team. I absolutely recommend her services as a coach!’

Jenny Shih, leading business coach.

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