Creative archeology

I have always been creative and it’s highly likely you have always been creative. It comes with us being human. To do a creative archeological dig try the following:

Make a list of the creative things you liked to do as a child.

Make a list of the creative supplies you enjoyed as a child.

Make a list of the creative places you liked to go as a child.

What smells did you associate with creativity?

What textures did you associate with creativity?

What sounds did you associate with creativity?

What tastes do you associate with creativity?

If your creativity when you were a child was a person, a place, an animal or a thing what would it be?

Now go through the same questions for the present time.

Stage 2

Now go through your home looking for evidence of your creativity – things you have made or materials that you use to be creative, anything that has left a trace of your endeavour behind.

Here are some of mine:

soft toys that I handmade

bead jewellery I made

Homemade granola.

Homemade curried carrot soup.

Homemade houmous.

A level photography project folders.

Drawing board.

Flour covered baking pages of cookbooks.

Julia Cameron books

Screenwriting books.

Sewing and knitting books.

Sewing box.

After your creative archeology have a break and then come back and consider what gold or gems you mined. What treasures have you forgotten that you want to hold up to the light? What treasures are in your everyday? Do you give yourself permission to enjoy them or do you give them away to dusty museums of memory and ‘Oh I used to love that.’

Sharpen your pencil, get out your paints, thread the needle, cast on, cut the flower stems, watch the ghost image become delineated in the dark room, get out your mixing bowl.

Life is waiting. Claim it.