You know your answers

I am a mind body coach helping with creative confidence for women and those who identify as women and part of that is helping my clients to find their own right answers. In particular I help women and people identifying as women to find and follow their life’s purpose.

I was looking back at past blogs and I notice that in 2017 I wrote one about me eating vegan food. Since then I’ve been learning more about body positivity and that there isn’t one right answer for what anyone should eat or how anyone’s body should be.

The books I was mentioning were pointing you in that direction. But what about all the other directions that there are? What about them?

This year I’ve been working through a second coach training called Mind Body Magic coach training with a coach called Abigail Morgan. What I learnt is that you are your own best guide.

I’ve learnt to tap into my own body and my emotions and then listen to my guide about what’s right for me. I now help my clients to do the same.

You have your own best answers and can learn to trust yourself, trust your own creativity and allow yourself to draw deeply from that well.

You have all the answers that you’ll ever need.

If you want help tuning into those answers I can help you with that.

I’m not vegan now. That doesn’t mean that’s your answer. You can find your own answer in that and in every other domain of your life.

You are your own best expert.

Start small.

Creative Confidence – How to start being your own expert

Notice your feet, notice your breathing, bring yourself back into your body.

Then ask that question you’ve been wondering about. Don’t start with the life altering decision. You don’t need to high dive for this one, just a jump from the side into a pool of warm water.

The bigger decisions can come later and you’ll have built up the trust that when you listen to yourself that you’re getting answers that are worth listening to.

Write down whatever come to you. You can repeat this more than once at different times to see if patterns come up or if more than one idea surfaces.

If no answer comes when you ask, trust that it will come when you need it. It might come to you later in the day or when you’re out and about.

They are worth listening to. Tuning into the radio station of your inner wisdom invites you to an amazing playlist of life experience.