Digital detox









How often do you check your phone?

How often do you flick onto Facebook?

How often do you check your emails?

How often do you instagram it?

How often do you pin it?

How often do you tweet?

How often do you put your periscope up?

How often do you feel linked in?


How often do you watch the sunset?

How often do you watch the light in their eyes dance?

How often do you laugh until your stomach hurts?

How often do listen to the silence?

How often do you hold a hand that needs to be held?

How often do you swim in the sea?

How often do you look to the stars?

How often do you see beyond the screens?

For a digital detox (thanks to ‘The Nourishing Goddess’ for her help with the ideas below):

  1. Have time when you wake up and time before you go to bed without technology.
  2. Unsubscribe from all the newsletters you don’t really need or don’t read. I brought my inbox from over 1500 emails (gulp) to zero last weekend.
  3. Limit Facebook use – use the App such as ‘self-control’ if you have a nervous Facebook tic.
  4. Use a timer so you don’t just stay on the computer because it feels easier than transitioning to doing something else.
  5. Read real books as well / instead of using a Kindle. Discover your local library and find out how to order in the books you want.
  6. Have a book to read instead of always turning to a screen for entertainment. Have books around the house so that there’s always the possibility of choosing a book.
  7. Bring more music into your life.
  8. Get outside instead.
  9. Pursue other hobbies – sports, piano playing, sewing or sailing…
  10. Meet people face to face.

What are the moments of your life that you most treasure? Were they being spent looking at a screen?

I’d love to hear any things that have worked for you in using technology more mindfully. Let me know in the comments below.