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 What is coaching?

In coaching you work in partnership with a coach to get from where you are in your life to where you want to be. I help you to get past the obstacles in your way. That includes the obstacles of where you don’t believe in yourself and have told yourself things are not possible.

Coaching helps you move to more acceptance of yourself and towards your ideal life where you are living your life’s purpose. You also learn to put aside what everyone else is telling you is best for you and do want you want.

Are you the same as a therapist or a consultant?

Therapists help people who are not functioning well on a day-to-day basis to function from a more healthy mental place.

Consultants advise you what to do from their knowledge of an industry or situation.

Coaches hold a space for you and listen really well and ask amazing questions. They use tools that help you see things in totally new ways so you can have new insights that take you to the life you really want rather than marking time in your life. I work with people who are coping well on a day-to-day basis but who want to take things to the next level and onwards.

Isn’t coaching  just having a chat?

Ha! No, it’s totally different and when you experience it you will really understand the difference. (Have a look at the testimonials page after this one)

Do you have a big shiny certificate for this?

Yes, for sure. I have qualified as a Certified Martha Beck Life Coach. Martha is a Harvard graduate, an author of self-help books and has appeared on ‘The Oprah Winfrey Show’ and writes the coaching column for The Oprah Magazine. Out of all the self-help books I have read since I was 13, she is one of the most influential authors I have read. Her work is amazing and it turned out the training I got was also amazing. I’d love to share what I learnt with you and use it to help you help yourself in your life.

The other thing is that the big shiny certificate in coaching isn’t the most important thing here. I bring loads of life experience, my total passion for the field of self-development. and very varied studies including creative writing, business, art history, photography, floristry, interior design, self-care for mothers and positive and conscious parenting.

I have learnt a huge amount about mama self-care from Lisa Grace Byrne of Well Grounded Life and from three years of participation in the Evolve programme of Carrie Contey PhD, which covers partnership, personhood, parenting and prosperity and has a focus on conscious and positive parenting.

I have an M.A. (Hons) in English and Philosophy, a B.A. (Hons) in Creative Writing and Art History, A Postgraduate Certificate in Education and a Diploma in Literature and Creative Writing.

I have qualified teacher status and taught in primary school / grade school for five years in both state and private schools. My biggest class in my first year of teaching had 36 children in it!

What differences can I expect in my life?

Results that you ultimately get do depend on you and you applying yourself. But the value of sessions comes not just when we are on Skype together, but later when you see how our conversation affects how you go on to spend the time between our calls.

At the end of each session we review the insights you have had and at the end of each coaching package we can review the impact of your actions. Also, after reading here go and have a look at my testimonials page to give you more of an idea about this.

What happens in a session?

Well, before each session you fill in a prep form so I know if you have any particular challenges that you want to look at. If so we will work on those together.

The tools I use are very specifically tailored for each stage in your development in the change cycle, which I can tell you more about when we chat.

In the session we might identify and dissolve your limiting beliefs or use Acceptance and Commitment therapy to defuse the power of your thoughts. We might use a metaphor meditation to creatively solve your problems in ways you had not even thought of. We might look at how your outer surroundings reflect your inner world to help self discovery, we might break huge tasks down so the plan seems easy, doable and fun, we might do a dream analysis to delve into your subconscious, we might help you to establish a connection between your mind and body so you are not up in your head all the time….

So many powerful tools to help you more forward with your life. (those described are only a few in the treasure chest) You leave the session with new insight and strategy that then affects how you go on to live your life.

Are you a woo woo coach or a kick butt coach?

I am a mixture of both. I can tailor coaching according to where you are on this spectrum. To coach with me though you need to be at least a little bit open to a dab or two of woo.

Can I trust you with all this private stuff about myself?

In my training we learn about coaching ethics. This includes client confidentiality, which is covered in the coaching contract you sign as a new client.

Why should I have a coach rather than talk to a friend?

I am not all caught up in your situation.

I can see your blind-spots.

I can see where you hold yourself back without even realising it.

I can support you and cheer for you on a regular basis.

I have tools to help you to move yourself forward.

I can help you to work out what you want.

I can help you make a plan to get there.

I can hold you accountable to that plan in regular meet ups.

You don’t have to sugar coat how things are.

You get to be listened to fully without feeling that it is important to let the other person talk about their problems too.

If you are always the helper, you get to step out of your helper role.

Is one session enough?

No, because major change takes time to implement and notice. I ask you after our initial call whether you want to sign up to work together for any period of three months or longer. You do have breakthroughs in one session but being coached leads to a whole new way of being and for that you need more than one session.


How does payment work?

Payment is made through Paypal. The funds need to have cleared and the forms completed and returned by 24 hours before our first session. In the event of them not being returned 24 hours before the session, the session will be cancelled. All sales are final and no refunds are given.

I am thinking that working with you could be amazing, what do I do next?

Go to the work with me page for more details on this or email me at deborah@deborahchalk.com if you have any more questions.


Please note that you remain totally responsible for any actions that you take or states of being that arise as a result of reading the content of this website or as a result of being part of the coaching relationship. You remain responsible for your results. Further terms are listed in individual coaching agreements. None of the articles on this site constitute advice and your actions remain your responsibility.

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