The Fear Doesn’t Mean…

The fear doesn’t mean….

You’re doing the wrong work.

That it’s not going to work.

That you’re on the wrong path.

That you’re doing it wrong.

That you’re unskilled.

That you don’t know what you’re doing.

That everyone else does know what they’re doing.

That you’re stupid, ugly, lame or any other mean names that you want to call yourself.

That it will never work out.

That you should give up right now.

That you should do something else.

That people will laugh at you.

That it matters if they do laugh.

That you took a wrong turn.

That it won’t get easier.

That it won’t get harder.

That there is certainty and you are somehow failing to see it.

That there is a right answer, if only you knew.

That you should draw back.

That you shouldn’t.

That you can’t.

That you don’t want to.

That there isn’t the chance that you can be amazing at this and make it all work out just the way you hope and dream it can.

Can you allow yourself to decide how much you are going to let the fear stop you?

Can you allow yourself to feel your fear and move past it?

What is just beyond your fear?

What possibilities lie there? What dreams?