The First Day Back

Tomorrow is for many people the first day back in their normal routine.

Some schools go back, workplaces are back to full rather than skeleton staff and coaches put their Gandalf robes on (only kidding).

When I was in jobs that I hated, the Sunday night before was horrid. I know horrid is an old fashioned ‘Enid Blyton’ book word, but it just seems to describe it best.

When I had those horrid Sunday night feelings, I just didn’t see that there was another way. I didn’t see there was another option.

I thought that following your heart was a crackpot scheme that was really unlikely to work. I cut it off as an option, before even thinking about what my possibilities were.

So if you are having Sundaynightus moribundus (feeling rubbish on the Sunday night before a return to your normal schedule) what can you do?

1) watch fluffy telly, there is a reason they put fluffy telly on Sunday nights.

2) read a novel.

3) hatch an escape plan.

4) write about your ideal day, one where you don’t go to your soul sucking job.

5) go to bed early.

6) think about how you can be the person you want to be in your current work situation.

7) plan your day with small breaks.

8) make a lunch to take that has healthy nutritious food in it.

9) call a friend with the intention of making fun plans to do something together.

10) decide what your real work in this world is (or just pretend that you know what it might be) and then get started on it. Even ten minutes is enough – so if you want to be a concert pianist start by playing some scales. If you want to be a writer get out your notebook and write.

11) write down all the reasons you are staying in a job you don’t enjoy. Then write down all the ways that these reasons might possibly not be true.

12) do yoga or meditation.

13) journal, some books have great journal prompts such as Renee Trudeau’s ‘Mother’s Guide to Self Renewal’ or Jen Louden’s ‘Life Organizer – A Woman’s Guide to A Mindful Year.’

14) watch comedy.

15) Why could the job you are doing now be an important step on your path?

The beginning of a new year in your same old situation does not mean things are always going to be the same.

You have a say in this.

If you want to make such a change it is really helpful to work with a coach.

Books you can read include ‘Finding Your Own North Star,’ by Martha Beck (my teacher) and also the Barbara Sher books are also excellent first steps.

I also found Julia Cameron’s book ‘The Artist’s Way,’ and writing morning pages as she describes makes a huge difference. The morning pages can act as a lock in a key of stuckness.

Here’s to the wonderful work you are going to do in this world,