Fluffy novels for coaches.



I’m a coach and I hoover up self-help books in the way cookie monster hoovers cookies and have done this since I was about 12.

Then I started to notice that became all that I would read, even late at night when my eyelids were starting to droop and the cosy sleepy feeling was descending upon me.

My book-shelf is full of books published by Hay House or ones that have been recommended on the podcasts I listen to, or recommended by my Martha Beck coaching buddies.

So I decided to read novels unconnected to coaching and self-help.

My original degree was in English and Philosophy and then I was used to a diet of the classics and contemporary modern fiction, the literary kind that does not specialise in happy endings.

But the kind of reading I was looking for was the kind of reading that was not done with the object of writing an essay, but instead to relax and have fun.

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So what did I read?

This and this.(not affiliate links)

I can deconstruct James Joyce if I need to, but sometimes reading should be utterly fun, fluffy and frivolous.

As a coach part of the work is to help people find their own fun.

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For more ideas on what to read I love these blogs:

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Autumn is coming up. Get ready with a supply of novels to cosy up with together with a lovely hot drink.

Hot drink suggestions (again not affiliate links, but shared because I gave up coffee and tea a couple of years ago and have looked hard to find teas that are yummy.)

Dragonfly Vanilla Redbush Tea with almond milk

Twinings salted caramel tea

Yogi tea chocolate chai