Get some rest

Is it time for you to get some rest?

You know in your heart that you really need to get some rest, but you’ve been putting it off. After all there’s just so much to do!

One day you think you’ll finally get to the end of your to-dos and then you’ll do all the thing you’ve been meaning to do.

The linens will be mended, the photos will be scrap-booked, the wrapping paper will make it to a wrapping station, the PhD will be written, the book submitted to an agent…. You get the idea.

Craft magazines and blogs talk about UFOs. UFOs are nothing to do with space. It stands for unfinished object.

It’s that sweater that never made it past the intarsia of Hermione’s time turner.

No matter how you hack your life, there’s still a whole load of life left, looking up at you like a puppy ready for a pat and a biscuit, ready for your attention.

So if life is a UFO what do you do?

You make time for rest in the same way you make time for the things you need to do.

Otherwise it’s unlikely that the rest thing will happen. That hammock by the pool will be swinging in the breeze without you.

Here’s the plan – 

look at your calendar

delete and say no to what you can

do the related admin for this and feel productive around having LESS to do

Plan in some time for rest and play. My mentor, Abigail Morgan calls this ‘slacker magic’ and ‘slacking’.

The experiment is then to see what magic doing less can bring about in your life and in your mothering. You can make detective notes if you like in your own casebook as Daisy and Hazel do in the ‘Murder Most Unladylike’ books.

Want to go to the advanced stage? – plan regular time to rest as a recurring event! You know how to do recurring events already!

Sure they won’t happen every time, but even if they happen more of the time that’s a huge win.

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