Digital Mindfulness – GOSH! – Go off screen happiness


I’d like to introduce you to the idea of ‘GOSH!’ or ‘Go Off Screen Happiness’. This is digital mindfulness, which is thinking intentionally about your use of media and balancing it with time having fun, creating and connecting off screen.

GOSH! happens when you decide to go off piste from the social media ski slope that your attention may be on.

You head out on the social media ski slope when you think that ‘you’ll just check that one thing’ and before you know it you’re looking at cat videos when really in your heart of hearts you’re a dog person or the other way around.

Sometimes you don’t even notice the pull of it. It’s like gravity pulling you down the mountain.

The question is do you want to land up in a heap at the bottom?

Or would you rather claim your life back from social media?

I’m no luddite, and I’m certaintly not saying you should give up your computer entirely, but what would happen if you decided to play with not making your computer the focus of your day?

What if you did that for just one day or two and experienced what that felt like?

Why go off screen?

I’ve been playing with this and I’ve found that when I disconnected with my computer I found myself connecting with things that mattered a great deal to me – 

like spending time with those close to me.

being conscious of being out of nature rather than being tuned into an audio book

the feeling of home that comes when I put my focus on what’s around me rather than the screen in front of me.

the creative things I’ve always wanted to do but never quite get round to.

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Until next time!