Gratitude for beginners.























My daughter is writing out the thank you letters for her party presents. It takes a while for each card and is learning to write in the loopy pre-cursive script of her school. She is delighting in picking just the right card for her friend and in writing a little note of thanks.

I had thought that to write all these cards would feel like a chore to her, but that’s just me putting my adult expectations on things. So I find myself learning gratitude from her.

Gratitude as the joy of acknowledging what has been received.

Maybe for true gratitude there needs to be the element of joy.

Gratitude for beginners:

  1. Do it with heart.
  2. Realise the connection with the person you are thanking.
  3. Realise that the act of being grateful is special in itself.
  4. Get excited about the moment of giving thanks and see it as part of the connection between you and the other person.
  5. Do it even if it slows you down and you need to concentrate on it and it means you doing hard things.

Things are changing here on the blog.

I am not going down the online marketing route and I don’t intend on putting you into a sales funnel. I’m going to write here when I feel like it, rather than to a schedule.

I’m going to have coaching conversations with those who are interested in  working with me through invitation and referrals.

Things are changing in me too. I am coming out of the spiritual closet and despite being a hugely logical INFJ I am working on Belinda Davidson‘s ‘School of the Modern Mystic’ and learning to balance my chakras through her eight month school.

I’ve also been reading Rebecca Campbell‘s book on light and Kyle Gray‘s (a fellow Glaswegian’s) angel books and I am loving them. My rebellion from my faith of origin meant I ignored my angels for a very long time. I’m glad to have them back in my life.

I am a claiming my mixture of left brained organisation and right-brained creativity with a bit more woo than I expected. I’d love you to be along for the journey. It’s going to be fun.