The Handbag Envy Monster


What to do when the handbag envy monster strikes.

1) Realise that you are more than the label on your handbag.

2) Notice your handbag envy monster and give it a name, maybe Hermes Hannah or Prada Petunia. Be gentle with her and tell her that you understand how she feels. Imagine feeding her some organic raspberries and invite her to park herself on the sun-lounger by the pool.

3) Value your own handbag, tidy it up, clear out the insides of it. Use leather polish on it if it is leather. Value and care for what you already have. Accepting and being grateful for what you have now does not mean that you will not have more in the future.

4) If your old handbag is really beyond health measures then buy a handbag within your budget that is as well made as you can afford. Then look after it.

5) Remember that just because someone has a beautiful handbag it does not follow that all of their life is beautiful. Appreciate the parts of your life that are beautiful.

6) Remember what you are valuing more than a designer handbag, your children’s education? your love of travel? organic food? books?

7) Open a special savings account to build up a fund to buy a handbag that you adore.

8) Remember that this season’s handbag will soon be last season’s.

9) Classic and vintage and heirloom have their own magical value, just ask those who hunt them out in Hollywood.

10) Make a handbag vision board, with the handbag and the contents. Dream big. You could even make a mini handbag sized one!