Heute in Hamburg

Hamburg Hauptbahnhof
Hamburg Hauptbahnhof
Coffee by the fountain reading 'The 4- Part Entrepreneur Cocktail' by Hilary of Dean Street Society.
Coffee by the fountain reading ‘The 4- Part Entrepreneur Cocktail’ by Hilary of Dean Street Society.

O.K., so my husband’s off work and doing the school runs and there is a whole day ahead of me and part of me is saying…

just think of all the things that you could do with your website.

just think of all the contacts with new clients that you could make.

just think of all the amazing things you could learn from all the people who are doing really well in business, there’s B-School, Jennifer Lee’s Right Brain Business Plan on Creative live, her new book and Alicia Forest’s website.

Wait a minute.


The thing about being a life coach is you use the tools on yourself. Martha Beck calls it ‘living it to give it.’

Thing is, I’m thinking you can’t be a life coach if you don’t actually have a life. You know, how people used to live when apple only came in Brambly, Cox’s and Granny Smith varieties.

So I did a crazy impetuous thing…

I left my computer behind and I went out for the day into Hamburg.

I relocate often with my husband’s job, but if I concentrate solely on business building I’ll never actually see the place that we have relocated to. How many days do you get when you are free of the school run?

Take that chance and grab it. Who wants to look back and regret, ‘Yeah, we stayed in Hamburg for two years, but I was so busy with my business building…’

I felt like a kid bunking off from school. I’m a planner so I had my DK Guide to Hamburg with me. My idea was to go to the Kunsthalle (Art Gallery) then to the Atlantic hotel for coffee and then to the Alsterhaus and Neustadt (shopping). Here are my photos, consider them postcards from me to you.

Remember to live.

The paintings in the gallery can’t be clicked for extra information. Experiencing them can still upload to my heart.

A coffee in the luxury hotel and the feeling of abundance it brings cost 5 Euros.

I’ll look back at your time in Hamburg and think I came to know it. What was unfamiliar became familiar.

I’m learning to grab opportunities when they come.

Julia Cameron in ‘The Artist’s Way,’ calls this sort of exploration an Artist’s Date. This sort of sojourn can be something that does not take a day. It is not only for artists but for anyone who wants to be creative in their life.


Kindle with Dean St book – 4-Part Entrepreneur Cocktail

Train ticket

Lunch and coffee money

Strawberry breakfast cookie from Prescribe Nutrition recipe.

Hamburg guidebook.

Your turn

In the comments tell me what your next Artist’s Date will be and what supplies you’ll be packing.



Kunsthalle Hamburg

Atlantic Hotel exterior.
Atlantic Hotel exterior.
Spot of shopping
Spot of shopping

shop sign hamburg

When is your next adventure?

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  1. Like that you went out Debbie.. It’s a great thing to have me-time and go on exploring!

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