Holding Out for Friday



If you are holding out for Friday, I’m wondering if something is going on in your week that you are not enjoying?

Seems to me like you might be doing a job that isn’t right for you or be working so hard until you never let up until the end of the week is in sight.

If all week seems like a marathon, then the weekend becomes a time of worn out sore muscle recovery time, rather than a time when you have the energy to be open to new possibilities.

You may even be doing work that you love during the week but never taking a moment off to yourself during the week in your quest to excel and get it all done.

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Another kind of self-sabotage is promising yourself the a rest at the end of the week – saying all week ‘I’ll just get to Friday,’ and then never delivering on that promise. Once you get to the weekend there is always the temptation just to get a little bit ahead, to do that extra bit of work in the belief that it will get you ahead in the following week.

You become like a little hamster going round and round endlessly in a wheel, bringing yourself to eventual exhaustion and a lot of resentfulness. You might be resentful to others for not ‘pulling their weight’ or you might be resentful to yourself as you promised yourself a time of rest and renewal and then you never delivered.

It might even be difficult for you to step off the wheel. The pace of the modern world is so fast that we get really used to careering around the bends of life at breakneck speed.

My goodness, if you slow down or even come to a stop you might come to a realisation about how what you are doing with your life is not what you actually want to be doing. You might even have to feel emotions – those big scary feelings, that it’s so much easier to ignore.

So how do you ‘do’ a weekend if the idea of having a relaxing weekend brings you out in an anxious type A rash?

Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Plan some structure, but not too much – endless days of unplanned time can be unsettling for the time off beginner so allow yourself a little structure to hang on to. Perhaps plan one definite event on each day of your weekend.
  • Dress for leisure – You may have your work wardrobe completely worked out but consider what it would feel good to wear on the weekend. (one pair of schlepply yoga pants doesn’t count as a casual wear wardrobe).
  • Journal – when all those ‘I’m not doing’ concerns come up, use a journal to document your thoughts and feelings about what’s coming up for you. Notice the thoughts that come up for you when you prioritise taking time off and write them down.
  • Allow yourself to do a little work but place very firm time boundaries around this and don’t let it take over the day.
  • Exercise – yoga or dance will take your out of your head and into your body. It also helps you to feel that you are doing something useful even when you are not doing work.
  • Go to bed early with a book. (You will probably resist this; I know I do. Do this even though it feels like you are missing out on time when you could be doing something ‘productive’.)
  • If you are an introvert, balance time with family and friends with time alone.
    Watch a movie, listen to music or read magazines – choose something that your inner workaholic would disapprove of.
  • Eat healthy nourishing food that does not require a lot of preparation. Here’s some inspiration or if you are vegetarian / vegan this is yummy and the chickpea curry listed here is one of my favourite lunch recipes served with quinoa, avocado and humous.
  • Don’t spend your weekend in the shops. Do your food shop online and avoid busy shopping centres.

If you want to read more about planning a weekend that actually refreshes you and feels like worthwhile time spent I recommend this book.

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