How to Pick Yourself Up When It Didn’t Work As Planned

I’ve apologised to my blog readers before about my tendency to hop between coaching niches. I am so grateful to those of you who keep showing up no matter what I talk about here.

I also discovered to my amazement that it turns out that more people are reading than I actually realised. I don’t think I’d installed google analytics properly and it was showing less than the actual number of hits. It’s on my list to reinstall it but for the moment when I look at my host website and my security website I can see you and your little global ping and so I’m waving back to you with thanks!

Anyway, I’ve been getting clearer on who I help and what I help them with. I’m moving to helping women with confidence and in working out what their life purpose is. These are both things that I have had a long journey with and really understand from the inside out.

I’m also going to be helping coaches and holistic entrepreneurs in content creation workshops. This is something that I’ve helped some coaching buddies with and it has proved to be a lot of fun. I’ve helped with the structure of a talk and also the structure of a coaching group course. I think this is so fun for me as it crosses my teaching background with my coaching knowledge. It also lets me use my ability to help to structure things.

So you’ll see that the ‘work with me’ offerings on the site have changed again.

For me part of picking myself up is realising when something didn’t work the way I planned it to and getting to the stage where you make the decision to move on. For me it’s also important not to pretend that everything went brilliantly to plan.

So I do love to coach coaches about confidence but a lot of coaches beginning their coaching careers choose to invest in coaches who offer them the dangling golden carrot of a six figure business and as I don’t presently have a six figure coaching business I didn’t feel that I could do that with integrity.

I can offer coaching on confidence and life purpose with integrity. I was a such a shy girl and have been able to accomplish so much beyond that wall of shyness in my life. I also went from thinking very little of myself and struggling with emotional eating to caring well for myself physically and mentally. I went through years when I thought that no-one would love me and watched as the other more confident girls were whirled onto the dance floor and eventually all of that changed too.

The search for confidence and life purpose has been a lifetime one for me and I’d love to help you on your journey in relation to these things too.

How to Pick Yourself Up

Forgive yourself – you did the best you could.

Do something that’s fun for you. If that seems too hard commit to doing something for a short period of time.

Have a shower.

Have a nap.

Don’t try to pretend the banana skin fall didn’t happen.

Change it up where you need to change it up.

Focus on what’s important to you.

Notice what is going well.

Visualise what you want in the future.

Read Brene Brown’s book ‘Rising Strong’ or indeed any of her books.

Go outside.

Listen to music.

Pat a pet.

Eat a protein snack – hello blood sugar, I promise to keep you happy instead of on a sugar induced roller coaster.

Drink tea (well I am British) – Dragon Fly Tea Redbush Vanilla is my favourite.

What I’m loving this week

Making Pizza Casarrecia from scratch with my daughter before writing this (How to Be A Domestic Goddess, Nigella Lawson p 315)

The Jess Lively Show podcast – absolutely love this!

‘The Law Of Attraction’ by Esther and Jerry Hicks audio book mentioned on one of the podcasts above where Jess talks about what is in her audible collection.

Good Vibe University – Law of attraction classes and community led by Jeanette Maw.

Deliciously Ella’s Buddha Bowl for busy days.

Until next week,