Instructions Not Included

A photo by Patrick Tomasso.
I’m always one to look for instructions in a board game or something that needs to be assembled step by step. This partly comes from what the my tendency to be a ‘fact finder.’ There is a test called the Kolbe indicator which maps out your tendency in how you do everything that you do and one of those tendencies is to be a fact finder. Are you one too?

Do you…

like to follow recipes?

read a lot of self-help?

read the instructions for new appliances?

read the school handbook for the school your child attends?

research holidays in great depth?

All of these might indicate fact finder tendencies.

But here’s the thing I really want to share with you today and it’s something I’m beginning to realise more and more.

No matter how I want to be able to find a neat set of instructions for the different aspects of my life, there is always something missing from this and that is using my own judgement and intuition. It’s also the joy of being able to choose how I do something, while still reflecting my values.

Sure we can pretend that it does when we read the parenting manual or the diet book. We can pretend that the particular workout routine that we follow will be the answer we have been looking for…

I’m inspired by reading Tim Ferris in ‘The 4-Hour Work Week’ who talks of switching off from all this outside information. The search for information is for me a search for a set of instruction on how to live in different aspects of my life.

By switching off I find I can instead listen more to my intuition and trust that.

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This week’s aside: I am a coach and the best way for me to show you how I can help you is to coach you.

An invitation for women new to working with me

Your invitation: One hour of coaching together.

Place: A comfy place in your home where you can use the phone conference line or Skype.

Bring: Willingness to dive in fully to the coaching experience. All of your previous success and your grand hopes and dreams for the future.

Price: Priceless (a gift from me to you)

Note that: Coaching is not about me fixing you or giving you the answers. You are not broken and you have all of your best answers. I’d love to help you to trust that more and more and move forward with this giving you the permission to do even more wonderful things in this lifetime.

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