Join The Writing Hive

The writing hive for coaches who want to write.

The Writing Hive is coming SOON.

Want to get your writing done?

Always thought you wanted to be a writer and then have not been doing the writing?

Want to get down to writing blog posts for your blog?

Want to create content rather than procrastinate?

Want to guest blog?

Want to get started on that book you’ve been meaning to write (your whole life)?

Join The Writing Hive. It is a month-long program for coaches who want to prioritize writing in their life and to write more.

We begin on Tuesday 8th May 2018 with an intro call. Follow on group calls are on Wednesday and Thursdays.

Then you will have:

One 1-1 coaching call of 45 minutes each week.

2 group writing sessions on ZOOM each week on a Wednesday and Thursday, each an hour and a half long where you work on your own writing.

All group calls are at 9am EST but the individual calls are scheduled individually.`

Investment: £997

To book your place email me at