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Write from your heart

Journal Club – Journal for Joy!

A journal club for conscious parents and creative people.

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You know in your heart of hearts that you are a creative person and someone who benefits deeply from journaling and yet all the STUFF is getting in the way of you actually taking the time to write and to read that nourishes you so much and helps you to tap into your inner wisdom.

Some of it is external stuff, but some of it is internal STUFF.

Some of it is the little voice telling you ‘Who are you to take time out for yourself and journal?’

You buy the notebook and it languishes by your bedside, calling you each morning or evening but with its call unanswered.

You’re not able to meet your goals and reach your dreams, in fact, they seem to be floating further and further away from you.

But you’re also feeling READY.

Ready for change.

Ready to finally claim all the things that the whisperings of your heart call you to.

You want to set your heart down on paper – boldly, unapologetically and with love.

Claim the future that you’re meant for in ink with Journal Club.

You know it’s up to you to get going. This is your time.

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I  know that you can do this. I know that you are called to do this work because you are meant to and I want to help you in fulfilling that calling. You can go on this creative journey of journaling to your joy.

In journal club I want to help you to use journaling on your spiritual growth path, to use it as a tool for healing, a muse and a source of deep rest and thrilling play and inspiration.

I’ll help you from the procrastination and self-doubt, through establishing regular practices so that you can work step-by-step and really embark on your true soul’s journey.

You are a creative.

You know you are called to express yourself in the written word through journaling.

You also love to read books that uplift and delight you, sometimes self-help books and lots of yummy fiction but somehow the laundry pile gets in the way of something that has the potential to bring you great joy.

It’s your time to make this happen.

I’m Deborah Chalk and I’m a Martha Beck Certified Life Coach, an Endorsed Mind Body Magic Coach and a qualified and experienced teacher. I also hold a Master’s degree in English and an Honours degree in Creative writing.

I have guest posted on a large number of well-known websites including ‘The Huffington Post,’ Tiny Buddha’ and ‘Mind Body Green.’ I am also an experienced copywriter and content creator and have completed projects for top coaches, a funnel creator and a major coaching school.

Included in Journal Club

It’s time to write from your heart and allow your journaling practice to help you on your way from where you are in your life now to where you want to be.

  • Journal prompts sprinkled like fairy dust throughout the month in our private Facebook group.
  • Monthly book pick and book chat on the Facebook group.
  • 1 group journaling session a month led by me on ZOOM (each 30 minutes long).
  • 1 coaching and questions call per month. These will occasionally be ‘Journal Geek Specials’ where we talk about favourite journals, pens etc. (1 hour long)
  • Recommendations for journal resources.
  • Meditations and mind body practices to juice up your journaling.

Journal for Joy – Journal Club is £35 per month.

Your next step

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