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I help spiritual and soul-centered coaches get out of copy and content creation procrastination and finally have clearly written copy that conveys exactly how they help their clients in their program without all the long hours of staring at the computer screen wondering if the sales copy they’re writing sucks as much as they think it does.

Instead, we use fun, creative processes to collaboratively get the page written with expert eyes on it to make sure it’s energetically aligned to manifest clients, clear and practical enough to make clients register, and a heck of a lot more fun to write and finalize so that it’s finally live on the internet, bringing in income and perfect program participants. 


I help sensitive introverts with a tendency towards self-criticism and perfectionism to tap into their intuition and find and follow their life purpose using mindbody connection and manifestation.

Stuff I’ve done that helps me help you.

Certified Wayfinder Life Coach

Certified Mind-body Magic Life Coach

Certified Angel Guide (Kyle Gray)

Fully qualified experienced teacher. Postgraduate Certificate in Education.

Masters degree with honours in English and Philosophy.

B.A. with Honours in Humanities with Creative Writing and Art History.

Highly experienced copywriter  – experience of writing for top coaches, an international coaching school and a funnel creator.

Selected to be part of Jenny Shih’s Copy Coach team for her flagship program ‘Making it Work Online’.

Writing has featured in high profile websites and magazines – Huffington Post, Mind Body Green, Tiny Buddha, Chopra, TUT Notes from the Universe, Sainsbury’s magazine, Happiful magazine.

Member of Evolve community with Carrie Contey PhD for three years – focus was conscious parenting, partnership and personhood.

Certified Organisational Specialist

Career coach for a top Washington based company.

Business Success coach for top US based coaching company.

Business trainings including Marie Forleo’s B School, Jenny Shih’s Making it Work online , Linda Bucher’s Confident Coach program and Abigail Morgan’s Signature Programs for $5k months.

Now working on Master Mind Body Life Coaching Certification.

Would you like to discuss working together and find out if it’s for you?

email me at deborah@deborahchalk.com
My ‘brownie’ badges are below. (my original ones included ‘safety in the home,’ ‘floristry,’ ‘book lover,’ and ‘agility.’)


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