Martha Beck coach certification – Oh my!

It’s been an exciting week as I have been doing my final reviews for my Martha Beck coach certification. I had done all the required coaching hours and sent in all the paperwork and this week have been completing a review of many of the tools that I have learnt over the course. The final step will be coaching a Martha Beck Master Coach.

The great thing is this was a review that felt like fun, as I have so loved learning about the different coaching tools and their application. The other fun thing is I notice how some of it related to other passions of mine. My degree was a Master’s in English and Philosophy. The metaphor work I use to help clients move past problems and challenges makes a use of all those years understanding metaphor in English lit.

The work that I did using Byron Katie’s ‘The Work’ (trade-marked name) involves turning round statements in ways that remind me of my work on logic problems and my brain tangles with moral philosophy.

Using the tools from Martha’s book ‘Finding Your Own North Star,’ is amazing, as it is a book that helped me to realise all the things that I thought I ought to be doing and that I was not doing all that I wanted to. It helped me begin to step out of all the limitations I had made up, thinking that whereas teaching was a real and respectable career, being a coach wasn’t.

Getting to this point has been a huge journey personally and I can honestly say I have been changed by it. I now listen to my body, I have completely changed how I exercise and how I eat. I have changed how reactive I am to problems. I put less barriers in the way and say yes to my intuition and inner guidance systems with much more regularity. I am kinder to myself, and though I still work hard, I only work hard at things that are fun for me.

This is going to be the end of one part of my training as a coach, but really I’m feeling that it is also only the beginning. I have much learning that I still want to do. In fact, this week I am enrolled on Caroline Frenette’s adventure mastermind programme and look forward to learning more about The Three Principles’, which Michael Neill first introduced me too. His radio show is well worth a weekly listen and you can find the latest show on his website.

I am also becoming aware as I move towards the completion on my certification that there are other things I want to put attention on. Coaching is a massive and important part of my life, but my intuition is telling me that music and art also needs to be part of that life. I played piano this morning and my dog sang along, happy to be accompanying me once more, wondering why I had not been practising. I want to put more attention on my home and am excited to read this . Oh, and I made time for Downton Abbey and Strictly at the weekend after months of no telly.

Part of my training is ‘living it to give it’ so by having a fun and rich life, I have the most to offer my coaching clients and can help them to live their lives in ways that totally light them up.

Are you nearing completion on any courses?

How did it use your previous experience?

What’s next for you?

What needs a little attention now?

Have fun learning,

Until next time,