Less screen scroll, more soul

Sometimes and more often than I’d like I wake up at 3am with BING an idea. Why on earth do they never come in the 3pm slump?

Anyway, last night’s was one to share.

I’m wondering if like me you notice scroll pull in your life? So you think ‘I’ll just check this online’ and then ‘Oh, I’ll just check there, ‘ and before you know it you’ve scrolled through more than you wanted to.

Sometimes it feels like doing flight checks before heading out on the runway of the day.

The thing is though that the computer in front of you is not where your real read outs are. They are in your body wisdom, in your heart, in your inner knowing.

You don’t need to google your feelings and what you should do with them. You can go inward for those answers instead, your inner google.

I’m working on becoming more conscious of my use of the computer. I’m thinking of it as ‘mindful computing’. Here are the simple pre-flight checks I’m using before I head to the computer –

What am I going to use the computer for? (this would work for other digital devices too) Check in on your intention or task. Give yourself your homework to complete and then know you get to go and do something fun when you’ve done your homework.

Can I set a timer for this or give myself a prompt for moving onto the next thing? Help yourself with transitions.

I’ve also been planning the things I want to do using the checklist ideas from ‘The Checklist Book’ by Alexandra Franzen and using the mind body tools I know to help me to make these ideas be ones that have come from my intuition.

I’m a beginner with this. The scroll pull is like a tide current that can pull you under. These are my water wings. (arms bands if you’re in the UK)

You get to choose how you use your digital device as a tool. To be the one in charge you need to put on your captain’s hat.

I’m thinking of creating a program about mindful computer use mixed with mind body and conscious creation to help you to connect with your inner google and inner influencer (your intution) instead of being pulled by the scroll tide. If that’s something you’d be interested in please sign up for my newsletter in the box above and click to receive on the box to receive newsletters that appears in the pop-up after you fill in the boxes on the form above.

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