Modern Manifesto of Self-Care

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The answers are inside yourself, not outside.

You are not broken.

You can’t improve yourself by trying harder; the key is to accept yourself more.

You are only ever as great as you allow yourself to think you are or can be.

Your value is innate.

It’s not about finding the right job, or the one passion; it’s about being wholly you in all you do.

It’s not about how you look outside; it’s about how you feel inside.

You can only feel better by choosing to be kind to yourself, even if that’s hard for you.

Blame doesn’t work as well as compassion.

You get to choose your labels.

You need to value your part in the partnership to value the partnership.

You don’t need to know it all; just what’s true for you.

You can only be loved as much as you let love in.

You can do the hard things.

There’s no such thing as perfect.

Life isn’t a 9-5 proposition.

You are your own advocate. Own it.

You can only give as much as you give to yourself.

It’s up to you to name and claim your great work.

Your body is depending on you to treat it kindly.

Presence is a choice.

A sense of home doesn’t need to be styled by a magazine.

Introversion has its advantages.

If you are blessed with freedom, use it.

Parenting is as much about letting go as it is about holding on.

Be confident because your work and voice are needed in the world.

If your answer is no, then you are the one that needs to say it.

Your relationship with food and money is your relationship with yourself.