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Hi beautiful,

This week you can find me over at ‘The Huffington Post’ here, where I write about ’10 Essential Self Care Practices for Mothers.’

I also made a special audio class for you which you can find here with more ideas for self-care.

As I am getting linky this week I thought I would share with you some favourite blogs you might enjoy. I will do some follow up linky dinks on other kinds of resources for you soon.

Blogs – Gorgeous writing about being present for your children. – Build Your Business Like a Mama, for mama CEO’s. The Facebook group she has for mama CEO’s is also amazing. -Sarah Kathleen Peck, who I saw speak at ‘Alive in Berlin’ last year. (one week to go to get tickets for this year’s event. Go if you can, it is heavenly). She is an incredible writer and helps readers get the most out of their lives. – Carrie Contey is the parenting coach who helped me so much in the first few years, through the lack of sleep and times of toddlerhood. Her approach is based on gentle respect and brain science. The marks of her work on my experience of parenting are indelible. – Lisa Grace Byrne is the mama who first taught me about self-care. Lisa radiates love and will teach you how to care for yourself in ways that are doable. – On all things relating to happiness. I love her blog, her books and the podcast that she does with her screenwriter sister. – Jessica’s book ‘The Fringe Hours’ is so relevant for busy mothers who wonder how to ever fit in time for themselves. – I love everything about her work, all about peaceful present mamahood. – The weekly ideas about what to do that they send in their play planner has helped through many a school holiday.

The Artful Parent – So inspiring. We also have her first book at home and her seasonal e-books with lots of art and craft ideas. The art kit ideas are wonderful. We gave our daughter a drawing kit based on this last Christmas and she has loved the things in it. – Conscious parenting advice with a wide-ranging selection of super-helpful and practical articles. – a home-schooler’s blog that is relevant even if you are not a home-schooler. Her book ‘Steady Days’ is really helpful if you are a mother who likes an organised life, but is finding this really hard with little children to love. – because she writes like a dream and her writing will help you tap into your truth and your desires, which are great places to start in life. – gorgeous interiors with sticky finger possibilities taken into account. – Project me for busy mothers. Fun and actionable ideas for self-care. – to help make the early years of motherhood lovely.

I love to share special resources like these with you. Let me know what you thought and if you have any exciting ones for me to check out please.

Have a brilliant week,