Playing with Writing Fire







I know I’m meant to be a coach and teacher and maybe you do too.

I also always knew I wanted to be a writer and for a while I believed this was possible.

I did a degree in creative writing, went on Artist’s Dates as prescribed by Julia Cameron and subscribed to ‘Mslexia’ magazine. I wrote a children’s novel and a novel for adults. I sent them out to numerous addresses in the ‘Writers’ and Artists’ Yearbook’ that was current at the time.

Then somewhere along the way I stopped believing that this could happen for me and I started to believe that coaching would be everything as I loved coaching and reading about coaching so much.

What if your coaching that you care about so much didn’t have to be your everything?

What if you were allowed to have more than one glorious heart-stopping ride that you could go on in life’s playground?

What if all the other things that you did just because you loved them, in fact made you an even better coach for your clients?

What if devoting yourself as a mum and being the most amazing coach for your clients were not mutually exclusive?

When you become a coach you are not joining a vow of commitment to only coaching. You don’t need to wear a habit of devotion to this life calling alone.

As a coach you encourage those you coach to follow their life passions, to believe in themselves and live fully.

Where have you been denying yourself this?

What do you plan to do about it?

You get to live colourfully. Pick up your pens, paintbrush, wooden spoon – whatever you need to create….

I’ll see you at the post office, putting work out into the world as you do too, my left writing hand with blue ink smudged along the side where I have smudged my own writing, as I write from my heart.

[Tweet “Your job is to create, not to decide whether what you create is good enough for the world’s eyes.”]

[Tweet “Allowing yourself to believe that your dreams are possible is a good place to begin.”]