Preparing for Christmas – 10 steps for an authentic Christmas.

Preparing for Christmas does not need to be a nightmare.

I used to get Christmas magazines before Christmas that spelled out what this year’s ‘must-have decorations,’ should be and what presents needed to be under the tree with must make crafts and menu plans with precision timing laid out, so that the meal could be orchestrated like a performance.

Does Father Christmas read these lists….

or does he have better things to do, you know all that spreading love and joy throughout the world?

Do your Christmas crackers need to match your table-cloth? Does the quality of the table centrepiece really affect your experience of the day? Why are we piling pressure on the holidays?

I’m guessing it’s because we make the whole quality of the show we put on mean something about who we are as people. We are looking for our reflection in the tinsel.

So what would you do if Christmas was up to you to enjoy and not up to the magazines?

10 steps for an authentic Christmas

1) Hang up the child-made / uncoordinated Christmas decorations.

2) Choose to make a meal you like to eat, rather than one that is expected.

3) Meet religion and spirituality in a place that feels authentic to you or not.

4) As much as possible spend time with the people you want to spend time with.

5) Keep your self-care practices going – e.g. yoga, meditation, journalling. At busy times like this you need them more rather than less.

6) If cheesy Christmas music is not your thing, turn it off when you can.

7) Don’t send Christmas cards to people who are not part of your life any more.

8) Believe in Father Christmas if you still want to.

9) Allow the other emotions the time of year can bring up, and get help if you need to.

10) If all the pressure to have perfect day gets too much remember that you can notice this expectation and let go of it.

So what are you going to do to make your Christmas more authentic? Let me know in the comments below.

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One thought on “Preparing for Christmas – 10 steps for an authentic Christmas.

  1. Oh the cheesy Christmas music in all shopping malls… drives me crazy… can’t turn that off though….
    Plus I am NOT a Christmas fan…it’s all too forced for me anyway and to know that that’s OK, is a big relieve. I’ve allowed myself to let Christmas flow into something that happens organically, rather than planning it from October 1st onwards , and it is so much better that way.

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