Remember Your Loveliness


Autumn is coming in England and it feels so much like a new beginning.
Who needs to wait for the new year?
Who needs resolutions?
You allowed yourself a new beginning?
You allowed yourself to do that thing that’s been calling your heart and soul for so very long?
You quit being the naysayer in your own life and instead got out the perfect colour of cheerleader pom poms to shake when you hit it out of the park?
You looked in the mirror and decided to love the person you saw there, that person who’s been trying for so long to live up to the idea of who you think that you should be?
You began to write what you are meant to write and opened up the possibility that your work would one day be published and loved and hated by people you don’t know?
You remembered who you thought you were going to be when you grew up and took the memory of her out for dinner, then asked her for her take on your next steps?
Remember your loveliness and go from there.