Resources to help calm

One of the reasons I ended up being a life coach is I am sensitive and also have a tendency to be great at worrying, especially if I forget to do things to help cope with those worries. There are better things to ace, it’s true.

So I’ve spent a long time over the past years of my life looking at resources to help me to calm down, reduce worrying and get on with things as much as I can. On my dog walk today, I had the idea that it might be helpful to share them on the blog.

It’s true that some of these are not free, but for some you could get the associated book from the library or look up related online resources. Where I have invested in this kind of self-care I’ve found it to be helpful and worthwhile.

Use any of these with your own discretion and get help if you need to.

EFT tapping – I like the work of Nick and Jessica Ortner. I have a number of their books and recently purchased the Tapping Summit. Today is the last day that it is available this year and they have included a meditation about the virus and fears relating to it. I am concentrating on tapping rounds around fear. I also use EFT when flying as that is something I find a challenge.

Angel work – I like the work of Kyle Gray, who comes from Glasgow as I do. This modern laddie puts the cool factor into angel work while still being authentic. He has a book of angel prayers and I have signed up for his regular emails where he sends either an angel card or an energy aligning tip.

I also like the angel books written by Lorna Byrne and find reading them soothing and reassuring. I have listened to Doreen Virtue’s Angel meditations in the past but I think her work has changed as her own spiritual journey took a different turn. The morning and evening meditations with chakra clearing are particularly helpful.

Meditation- I use the ZIVA meditation from Emily Fletcher’s book ‘Stress Less Accomplish More’ each morning. The first time I read the book I gave up on it as I thought that you needed to buy the program to find out how to do the meditation.

If you stick with it though the book does tell you how to do the meditation.

There are four parts to it – getting present in the moment, mantra meditation, gratitude and visualisation. I LOVE that it’s meditation for normal people and you don’t have to sit up super straight. You’re also allowed to peek at the clock to see how long you’ve been meditating which for me was a game changer.

Healthy food – I use recipes from the Louise Parker Method and find that they are doable in a normal busy life.

Walks in nature with my dog and sometimes just walks wherever.

Sleep – I aim to have the light out at 10pm. It doesn’t always happen but when it does it makes a difference to how I manage the following day.

Exercise – I do online ballet with Sleek Technique. I think the Yoga with Adrienne free Yoga videos on You Tube are great too.

Mind body work with Abigail Steidley – I found this video that Abigail put up today helpful. It’s about dealing with stress and fear.

Singing and music.

Energy work – In the past I’ve done the 5 minute energy routine video that Donna has on YouTube. At the moment I’m reading ‘Own Your Energy’ by Alla Svirinskaya.

Having a morning and evening routine.

I read the daily entry in the new version Saran Ban Breathnach’s book ‘Simple Abundance’ each morning. When I remember I write gratitudes at bedtime.

You can’t fix everything, you can’t make difficult situations go away. If you can sometimes help yourself towards feeling just a little bit calmer and more supported that can be important. I think it can help you and also help others.

None of the resources mentioned above are sponsored. They’re just the resources I thought it might be helpful to share. You don’t need to use all of them and you don’t need to use the ones that I have shared.

There is a mental health support aspect to challenges and I encourage you to look for your own resources to help to calm and soothe your nervous system.