What is rest for you?


Strung out, tapped out, worn out, frazzled, burnt out, jaded, unfocused, sleepy.

Strive, make it, market it, ship it, have a tribe, get the message out, prove yourself, earn it, six figure income, social media darling.

Two channels from different radio signals. One is internal. One is external. You can guess which is which. I know it.

Can you tune out of the second and into the first to realise when you have done too much and it is time to stop?

You plan and you plan and you plan and your online calendar becomes a colourful patchwork of business and busy-ness.

I get it, I know it. That’s why I can write about it. People think life coaches must be perfect.

Actually It’s not the case. My glorious and messy imperfection helps me to be a better coach. I understand my clients more. I see how it is because I have been there and sometimes I am there all over again even when I thought I had that one thing dealt with…

So now I stop.

And I make the effort to remember what is rest for me.

Can you give yourself the gift of doing the same for yourself and then taking your answers into your more forgiving weekend and then maybe if you are brave, beyond that and into the rest of your life?

You can start small.

No big thing.

Just one thing to begin.

The busy bee part of you will want to sting you for daring to slow down.

Tell it to BUZZ OFF.

Then see what happens when you let go your death grip on making it all happen as fast as possible.

Report back – see you in the comments.

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