Sales Page Apothecary

Sales Page Apothecary for Spiritual and Soul-centered Coaches

You keep telling yourself that tomorrow you’re finally going to get round to writing your sales page, but it’s not happening.  It’s late at night and you really should be tucked up in bed with a great novel to read and a mug of your favorite tea or doing some journaling, but instead you’re sitting in bed feeling confused and frustrated that it’s just so hard to find your authentic voice and write your sales page.

The thought of writing it feels yuck, so much so that it leaves you nauseous. You feel not excited, uneasy and stressed about the whole thing.

What even is a good sales page? 

What if the ones that look ‘nice’ to you are actually ineffective? 

There are so many different opinions on how it has to look. Overwhelm and perfectionism are stopping you from moving forward.  How can you accept that what you’ve written is good enough for now?

Fear is holding you back too.  You’re afraid you won’t be able to use your client’s language the way all the advice tells you to and feel a lack of conviction about what you’re offering. What if you’re not able to speak in your most authentic voice? 

It just takes so long to think about things and you find yourself avoiding sitting down to write. When you do start researching what you like it makes you want to gag. I mean how can you put yourself in someone else’s brain and think like they think and talk like they talk?

How can you know what will resonate with people?

What do they want?

And how do you even say what you do when there’s so much magic involved? 

What if creating your sales page didn’t have to be so hard?

What if you could get the help you needed with brainstorming your new ideas and message? 

How great would it be to have the help that you needed to create sales copy that speaks to your ideal clients at a soul level? 

Imagine feeling that you were able to get into the mind of your ideal client? 

You could have the help you needed through the whole process of creating your sales page from beginning to end and even the option of ‘done for you’ for you if that felt right for you?

You’d be working with an experienced copywriter and mindbody magic life coach who works in the magical intuitive way that you love to.

I’d help you to access your inner wisdom and to notice when pressure, pushing and perfectionism are coming up so that you can choose to do things in a way that’s more in line with the soul-led business you want to create. 

Even if you’re not 100% sure about the help that you need with your sales page, you’ll get the fine-tuning and the affirmation that you need to feel confident about what you’re sharing.





I’m Deborah Chalk

I help spiritual and soul-centered coaches get out of sales page procrastination and finally have clearly written copy that conveys exactly how they help their clients in their program without all the long hours of staring at the computer screen wondering if the sales copy they’re writing sucks as much as they think it does and, instead, use fun, creative processes to collaboratively get the page written with expert eyes on it to make sure it’s energetically aligned to manifest clients, clear and practical enough to make clients register, and a heck of a lot more fun to write (or have written for you) and finalize so that it’s finally live on the internet, welcoming in income and perfect program participants. 

As a result of this program, you’ll have a solid foundation for your sales offer that can help you feel braver and more confident. You’ll have copy that would help people to know and understand the possibilities of working with you, so that it makes it so much easier to just get in there and do your work. 

What a relief it will be to feel that it’s ready to share!

With your page ready to share you’re able to help potential clients get a feel for who you are and what you have to offer. You’d have opened the doors to draw in clients and grow your business. 

You’d save all that time not having your sales page done and finally have it done, giving potential clients an invitation to contact you. You’ll be giving yourself the permission to thrive and sell the heck out of your new offering or course!

It could show you that you were done with the fear, and that would also mean that you were in flow. You could let go of worry, knowing that your sales page was a done deal. You would have made this whole thing as little work as possible, which really matters when you’re very, very busy. We’d be creating the copy for your sales page with ease and fun at the forefront! We’d use mindbody tools where needed so you don’t get overwhelmed. 

Even if you’re only able to explain what you do, we’ll be able to work together so that I can write it up for you, or you might want to be much more involved. It’s up to you!

If you would benefit from a friendly nudge, someone to say ‘this is good enough’ or ‘this sounds authentic enough for now,’ I can do that too! I can help you to trust what you’re doing and to feel the enthusiasm for your sales copy and the confidence to share it.

Here’s what’s included in this 6 week 1-1 program:

WEEK 1 Sales Page Foundation Meeting.

We’ll get together on ZOOM in this 1-1 call and together we’ll discuss: Who you serve. How you serve them. What’s been holding you back from creating your sales page or other copy or content. What you know about your offer. What you don’t know about your offer  Your plan for weeks 2 and 3 research activities

WEEKS 2 and 3 What are they thinking? 

Let’s find out! You’ll have coaching support via Voxer or email through your information gathering about your ideal client. You’ll finally have much more confidence that you ARE able to get inside their heads and know what’s going on for your ideal client.

WEEKS 4, 5 and 6 The Writing Weeks

You can choose whether you want a ‘done for you’ sales page or whether you’d like feedback and support in writing your own. You can finally have more clarity, confidence and impetus to get your sales page done!


This package is £2500 

It includes:

Initial ZOOM meeting.

Your plan for research activities.

6 Voxer or email weeks of support or coaching during UK business hours to support your research and/or writing or for my communication with you to ensure the sales page I write for you is just right for you and speaks authentically to your ideal client.

3 reviews of your sales page with loving mentorship support or a done for you sales page with up to 3 reviews by you.

Next steps to get started with Sales Page Apothecary:

Send £2500 via PayPal HERE 


Pay £1250 via PayPal HERE with the remaining £1250 to be paid by the day of our initial call.

Prices are in Pounds Sterling.

When I receive your payment, I’ll email you within one UK business day to set up the call time for our ZOOM call. Have questions? Email me at